The Awesome Daredevil Review!

Welcome Crunchers, to another awesome Marvel review! I have seen both seasons of Daredevil twice now, and I kinda want to watch it again. Am I crazy? Or is it just that awesome? You decide. Anyway, let’s jump in to it!

One of the things that Marvel has done really well, unlike another unnamed comic book universe, is having strong character development. Daredevil is a prime example of this. The characters are not only introduced to the show at just the right time, but when they are, the show delves into their history.  They are really well thought out and in-depth characters. This really makes you feel for the them, whether those feelings are positive, or even anger or disgust.

That being said, the acting is fantastic. Most of the people in the show, are actors that I have never seen before, but they really nail their roles. Two characters in particular were phenomenal, The Kingpin and The Punisher. The Kingpin (Vincent D’onofrio) is creepy, strong, and smart. The first season goes in to his background and shows how he became the disturbed, powerful man that he is. The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) is nothing short of amazing. I wasn’t sure about the actor that was chosen for him at first, but he totally stole the show. The Punisher showed up in season 2, and quickly became a fan favorite.

Getting to the good stuff! The choreography in this series is awesome! The fight scenes are some of the best I have seen on television, if not the best. The Punisher in particular has some amazing scenes. In order to remain at least somewhat spoiler free, I’ll just say there is an amazing fight scene with a lot of orange. Look out for it!

Both seasons also have intricate story-lines, and they connect with other shows and movies in the Marvel Universe. They refer to the events of the first Avengers movie as “the incident”, and the villains in the second season are very connected with The Iron Fist. I personally love it when shows are interconnected and I especially like how Marvel shows connect to their cinematic universe.

The only real downside to the show, is that the side characters can sometimes be a little bit annoying. It’s really not a huge dent in the show’s awesomeness, but I thought it deserved mentioning. Daredevil’s law partner Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson), is usually a really fun character, but he has his moments where he is annoyingly naggy, and somewhat dramatic. There is also Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll), who eventually becomes the Nelson and Murdock law firm secretary, starts off as one of those characters that drives you nuts, because they just keep doing the dumbest things. She does however, eventually become somewhat more competent, which is nice.

Overall, the series is fantastic. Watch this show guys! You will not be disappointed, and it might even be worth putting off Defenders to binge watch it, so that you really get a good feel for the characters and the background story.

5 out of 5 Couch Cushions

5 out of 5 small

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