About Us

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What the Hell is a “Couch Cruncher”?

Couch Crunchers is a labor of love conceived by four devoted fan boys. With the explosion in popularity Comic Books, Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies and TV shows have had recently in popular culture, we want to ensure that it isn’t just a passing fad.  We want to infuse those things that we hold so near and dear into a permanent fixture in the mainstream by using an ever expanding arsenal of social media outlets at our disposal.

Now, Couch Crunchers can be found on a variety of forums, check us out on your favorite podcast app, visit CouchCrunchers.com to check out the latest trailers and unique articles, or follow us on your social media poison of choice.

Get To Know Us!

Lance – Founder / Co-Owner / Visual Media and Marketing
Lance founded Couch Crunchers in 2017 with his best friend, Max. An avid collector of Funko POP! Vinyl Figures, Marvel Legends, and fan art, Lance got his first introduction to the world of nerd culture by reading comic classics like Spider-Man, Fantastic 4, and X-Men as a kid. His favorite genres are horror & science fiction.
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Max – Founder / Co-Owner / Webmaster / Author
Max founded Couch Crunchers in 2017 with his best friend, Lance. Max is a encyclopedia when it comes to Star Wars. He is an avid reader and video gamer and his favorite genres include fantasy and RPG’s.
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Sam – Co-Owner / Movie Expert / Author
Also known as “The Movie Mechanic”, Sam joined Couch Crunchers in 2018 and quickly became a huge part of the team. He is Couch Crunchers most seasoned writer and can boast that his article about the movie adaptation, Les Miserables, was referenced on live television by mister Hugh Jackman himself!
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Tyler – Co-Owner / Videographer / Author
Tyler joined Couch Crunchers as an author in 2017 and became an owner in 2019. A world traveler, Tyler and his wife spent a year in New Zealand on the ultimate Lord of the Rings fan tour, witnessing such beautiful sites as Hobbiton and The Putangirua Pinnacles! Tyler is also an avid gamer.
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