In the meantime, check out some of the other podcasts that we partner with:

Absolute Geek Podcast – A Place To Be Yourself. Join Matt, Kyle, Brian, and Jose as they talk about life and sprinkle a bit of their nerd wisdom into your ear drums. We guarantee, you have never heard a podcast like The Absolute Geek Podcast. Absolute Geek is also the home to many acclaimed shows including: Negative Modifiers, WTF Fridays, Deliberating the Dead, Matt in a Matinee, and Comic Book Theater. Join them for a fun time every Friday night at 7pm MST Live on Youtube! 
Comic Exposure – Comic book culture has become mainstream. Hooray! What this means is that all comic fans over the age of twenty-five can exhale and collectively let our “nerd guts” hang out. When Josh and Travis fell in love with comics in the 90’s, it was still a secret shame: something to be enjoyed with a flashlight, late at night, under comforters for fear that even our own family would cast judgment on us. No more. The geeks are letting their freak flags fly!  Comic Exposure provides a platform for longer in-depth discussions on graphic novels while at the same time providing a gateway into comic books for new readers. Most importantly we want to exercise thirty-plus years of closeted nerd-fueled conversations. Enjoy, interact, and be merry. Welcome to Comic Exposure!
Couch Crunchers – Couch Crunchers is a labor of love conceived by four devoted fan boys.  Superheroes, Science Fiction and Fantasy are no longer the domain occupied solely by the bespectacled, overweight/underweight, underachievers destined to live in their parent’s basement.  Join Max, Lance, Tyler, and Sam as they discuss TV, Movies, Video Games, Manga, Comics, and everything else under the kitchen sink. Join them every other Saturday at 7pm MST Live on YouTube!
The Grizzled Geek – The Grizzled Geek are a group of friends, who have known each other since high school, and have opinions they want to share with the world on geek culture. We are the real OG (Original Gamers). First gen nerds who have seen Star Wars: a New Hope in theaters, played through all editions of D&D and remember when being a nerd wasn’t exactly cool. Join Mike, Doug, and Kristen as they dive into all that is grizzled and all that is geeky! 
The STS Guys –  The STS Guys are a group of friends that came up with the idea to record their time together and organize it into a podcast.  We discuss all aspects of pop culture or any topics that may interest one of the hosts.  Each one of us has a different area of specialty and interest, so there is always a ton to talk about.  So join your hosts Jeremy, Scott, Larry, and Nate as they sit down to “Shoot the shit”.  Join them Live on YouTube every Saturday at 9pm PDT!