Funko Pop’s: Why I Collect Them and Love Doing It

There’s something to be said about having a passion. Many take up painting, music, running, and other pretty inexpensive hobbies when starting out. That makes it worthwhile right? You are benefiting yourself at an emotional and physical level, and for amateurs, it doesn’t take a bite out of your wallet to do it. For many of you who watch the show or listen to the podcast, you already know that I have an evil addiction, used as ammunition by my co-hosts every week to tease me about being a Funko Pop addict. I’m imploring you to do your research before you attempt to dive in to this debilitating disease hobby.

You see, a few years ago when the podcast was first starting out, we did an episode where we talked about fads and trends that we didn’t understand in pop culture. I think Jay brought up Cosplay, Cameron may have brought up Twitch Streaming or something like that, and I brought up Funko Pop’s. I just didn’t get it! I made fun of those who did it, I questioned the cost of these little 4 inch vinyl figures, and I said that I would never get into such a ridiculous and expensive hobby. I know, I know, what you’re saying “But Lance, thats pretty hypocritical!” I whole heartedly agree, I am a hypocrite. I never understood the fascination with these simple figures, honestly there isn’t anything that special about them. Whats special is the hunt for elusive figures and completing a collection.

Now, you could blame my wife for this obsession. Although she didn’t know this would happen when she surprised me with a Blink-182 Funko set (Hardly a “set” with just Mark and Travis, where the hell is Tom Delonge or Matt Skiba?) I instantly fell in love (With the Funko’s, her I’ve loved for a while). I started to see what other Pops were out there. Supernatural? Marvel? DC? The intellectual properties that Funko had access to stretches on for miles and I soon found myself in a rabbit hole investigating and falling in love with these cute, however, soulless eyed vinyl figures. I bought a Venomized Captain America which made me want to complete my set of the Venomized Marvel figures. Which btw Funko, if you’re reading this, not every Marvel character needs a Venomized Funko Pop. Adult Groot is a travesty (I own the common and the Glow in the Dark). See what I mean? I even buy the ones I don’t like! What is wrong with me?

What I’ve found while collecting Funko’s is the tremendous communty that I have been adopted into. My friend, Charles Fry, who created Kustoms By Kermit , and I created a Facebook Community, East Valley Funko Hunters, where fellow hunters from the Arizona’s East Valley can get together. We talk about Funko’s, help each other retrieve hard to find figures, and show our pride in our collection to other people who just “get it.” Mind you, this is not the only group I am a part of. I think the grand total is 30 different groups all related to Funko, more than half of those are Arizona based.

East Valley Funko Hunters
Kustoms by Kermit

I have met new friends on this site, I have seen their displays (I even helped Charles build his), I have heard their heartache when it comes to the damage to their wallets. We love each other, there’s nothing like getting a group together who love the same thing. So if you are thinking about collecting, reach out to me, I’ll help you get started, teach you all the terms like Chase, Exclusive, Grail and what they mean and we can walk into a retailer and buy your first one together. All you have to remember is that it’s all fun and if your wife/husband/significant other/boss/neighbor/your dog/your neighbors dog threatens to leave you, Funko’s are king.

Happy hunting my friends.

Welcome to the Hunt

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