Peacock’s Psych 2: Lassie Come Home Review!

Welcome Crunchers! As well as all of you Psychos out there! Psych 2 Lassie Come Home is finally out on Peacock TV! Thanks to a bunch of devout Pineapple loving, fans of immaturity and delicious flavor, Shawn (James Roday Rodriguez) and Gus (Dule Hill) are back to the big three… Malarkey, shenanigans, and tomfoolery. The question is, after all this time can they still bring the magic of the show that inspired so much devotion from such a loyal fanbase? Let’s Crunch this!

“Spirits Tell me that your pants are on fire” – Shawn spencer

For those who aren’t super familiar with Psych. Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster are two best friends from childhood that end up creating a private detective agency called Psych. The agency’s origin stems from Shawn solving crimes just from watching the news and calling in tips to the police department. Eventually Detective Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) refuses to believe that Shawn is able to solve one of these crimes without having been an accomplice to it. To avoid getting arrested, Shawn pretends to be a psychic. Chief Vick (Kirsten Nelson) then invites Shawn to help solve a current high-profile case. His next move is to obviously track down his heterosexual life partner Gus (a responsible pharmaceutical), to embark on a new adventure of solving crimes together.

“I will eat you in manageable, bite-sized pieces” – Gus

There are a million little reasons to love Psych. The complicated part is that all of the fans have different favorite nuances and recurring jokes from the 8 seasons that the show was running. So to scratch the itch of the show’s faithful Psychos, they need to include as many of those as they can in a short time frame while still progressing the characters. They also obviously want to make it so the entire show isn’t just a bunch of inside jokes that only longtime fans will understand, because getting new Psych fans is always a good thing.

“Just because you put syrup on somethin’ don’t make it pancakes” – Shawn Spencer

I like to end on a good note, so let’s start with what the show missed and what could have gone better. The first major thing is that there wasn’t any use of “psychic powers”. Most of the main characters know that Shawn is not actually a psychic at this point. However, there was plenty of interaction with other characters in the show that could have presented the opportunity for Shawn to classically put his fingers to his temple and “divine” info using his expert deductive skills. Obviously, it is a major part of the show, considering the main plot and was a pretty major oversight in my opinion.

Psh! C’mon son! – Gus

There are a few other items that could be improved on as well. There’s not very much chemistry between Shawn and his wife Detective Juliette O’hara (Maggie Lawson). They have known each other for a very long time at this point and have been through a lot. Even so, there barely seems to be any affection between the characters. They had better chemistry when they weren’t even dating #veryclosetalking. There are also a couple of scenes that start mildly funny, but they get a little weird and some of the humor including feet and man babies just ends up not landing. Lastly, one of the things that makes this show great is that it really is fantastic for the whole family. However, this movie did have a few more adult jokes than usual, which may have not been exactly what some Psychos were looking for.

“I’m proud of you!” – Shawn Spencer

Now, what went right? So so much! In my opinion, the main thing that makes this show so great is the super bromance between Shawn and Gus. Shawn is the guy that refuses to grow up. Gus is the guy that is torn between wanting to be a responsible adult, but has his inner child constantly pulled to the forefront by his highly immature best friend. Their ridiculous antics combined with incredible childlike cohesiveness, really make it easy for an audience to connect with them. In Psych 2 their bromance does not disappoint. James Roday Rodriguez has mentioned that he believes their relationship on screen works as well as it does, because they are such good friends off screen. When watching them, their friendship just feels incredibly authentic, because it is.

“I’ve been worried about you since you turned three and started eating your own toenails” – Henry Spencer

The show has always done a fantastic job with character development. Even their recurring characters have become incredibly close to the main characters and have unique relationships with each of them. They bring back recurring characters in this movie that makes you feel a strong nostalgia simply by seeing them on screen. They also do a fantastic job of continuing important relationships with supporting characters. The supporting characters on Psych are incredibly vital to the show’s success, and it is no different in Lassie Come Home.

For example, Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen) is Shawn’s dad and is someone that he is constantly going to for help on cases and fatherly advice. Buzz McNab (Sage Brocklebank) is a super friendly cop that is always around to be confused but will regardless do whatever he can to help out his friends. Chief Vick (Kirsten Nelson), the strong female leader. She’s tough on the outside, but with a gooey center and always has the gang’s back. And we can never forget Woody (Kurt Fuller), the incredibly strange coroner that has no problem skirting the rules for Shawn and Gus. Most of these characters have moved on to other things since the series ended and are brought back to the movie in great ways.

Hailstorm of bullets can’t take him down!

The Shawn and Gus bromance brings in the laughs, but the focus for this film is Lassiter. Many of the relationships that Lassiter has throughout the series begin contentiously. Over the years however, a camaraderie and respect has developed between Lassiter and every other main and supporting character on the show. Fantastically portrayed by Timothy Omundson, Lassiter has unfortunately been shot and sustained a stroke. The main plot is to find the shooter and the Psych gang all have to play their part to help out.

The film becomes far more touching when you know that once again the connection between these characters goes beyond the screen. Timothy Omundson did in fact suffer a stroke in real life. It limited his ability to be in the first movie, but the love from fans and fellow stars of the show created a strong drive to ensure that Omundson could be reunited with the cast on screen. His progression in recovery is shown during the film and the end of the movie has a scene that is a real tearjerker.

“Don’t you just hate people who kill you?” – Pierre Despereaux

Unfortunately, our favorite art thief doesn’t make an appearance in Psych 2. However, the series has always been known for having outstanding guest stars. Lassie Come Home continues this tradition, and has a great cast. Sarah Chalk (Scrubs) gets back in her scrubs, but this time plays a very likable nurse named Delores. Richard Schiff (The Good Doctor) plays Dr. Hirsch, who runs the Herschel House where Lassie is recovering. Allison Miller (A Million Little Things) plays a delightful character that has opened a shop in the old Psych office. Christopher Herydahl (Hell On Wheels) plays a very odd but somehow also very likable Ice Bar owner. These guest stars all interact with the Psych gang really well, and were just plain fun to watch.

In conclusion, I loved the movie. It certainly had it’s flaws, for the most part they really nailed the feel of the show and brought a lot of the elements that make the show great in a really fun nostalgic way. If you haven’t ever watched Psych go to Peacock tv and check it out. It’s a free streaming service with ads but does have a Premier version without ads as well. If you are already a fan of Psych and haven’t seen it, go watch the movie! If you have seen it, go watch it again! For now, #KeepOnGeekinOn!

4 Out of five couch cushions

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