Day 1 | Comic-Con@Home 2020: Our Favorite Panels

Due to the pandemic running rampant through the US, several comic conventions have had to cancel or postpone their annual gatherings, including San Diego Comic-Con. Luckily the group at Comic-Con International has decided to satisfy pop-culture appetites everywhere by introducing Comic-Con@Home 2020, a free stream of brand new panels and interviews for us to munch on as we wait for our country to get back to normal.

Let’s take a look at our favorite panels from day one of Comic-Con@Home2020:

Conspiracy Theories and Propaganda Throughout Pop Culture

Official Description:
J. D. Lombardi (host/producer, YouTube’s Lombardi Labs and middle-school science teacher, Glendale Unified) along with Justin Montgomery (, Guadalupe De La O (STEM teacher/science instructional coach, Alliance Schools), and G. L. Lambert (screenwriter, G.L. Lambert Explains It All podcast) will trace conspiracies and propaganda throughout comics, shows, and movies, and how they correlate to the current climate of increased conspiracy theories. Teaching science literacy, in and out of the classroom, is more crucial now than ever in combating misinformation, especially related to our current pandemic.

Why We Love It:
Who doesn’t love conspiracy theories? Mix that with comics? Sign us up!
This video explains why we as comic readers, are more prone to notice disturbances in the force.

Incoming! Building a LEGO Crossbow with Craig


Official Description:
Craig from the Guest Relations Team uses LEGO to teach engineering! Join him as he shows us how to build a miniature crossbow!

Why We Love It:
Comic-Con@Home 2020 has something for everyone, including LEGO tutorials for the little ones stuck at home.

Curiocity Creates the Mac!

Official Description:
Curiocity Catering shows you how to make a marvelous mac n’ cheese!

Why We Love It:
We’ve all sat around on a Wednesday night salivating over Facebook and Twitter videos of crazy creations from the crew from Tasty and movie inspired recipes from our friends, Sarah and Matthew at Geeks Who Eat (Crème brûlée cookies anyone?). What I love about this video is that Comic-Con International knows that we are losing our collective minds with quarantine, I mean SDCC attendees make up 99.9% of movie ticket sales (probably not true, but my argument still stands) and we haven’t been able to leave our houses since March.

There are plenty of other videos to get your appetite going before day two. Check Out every day for further coverage of Comic-Con@Home 2020, and stay safe out there Crunchers!


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