Issue # 101 – El Camino Review

Join Max and Sam as they dive into the Breaking Bad film El Camino and talk about Henry Cavill getting to play Superman again in the DCEU.

3:00 Sam discusses his experience interview Eric and Eliza Roberts

15:00 El Camino Review (Full spoilers for Breaking Bad and El Camino)

44:00 Henry Cavill returning to play Superman in the DC Universe

53:07 Soc the Hedgehog getting a sequel

56:15 John Wick was originally going to be called Scorn but Keanu Reeves kept calling it John Wick

59:52 Casting for a live action Naruto is underway

1:07:40 What have we been watching/Sam answers if Avatar the Last Airbender is anime?

If you want to see our lovely faces, check Sam and I out on the Youtube link below.

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