Get Your Mind Off of COVID 19 – Top 10 Quarantine Movies on HULU

We’re all stuck at home and sometimes surfing through Netflix, Hulu, or Prime can be a little bit daunting. I’ve taken the liberty of doing it for you! This week we are going to look at what I believe are HULU’s top ten must watch movies during the quarantine.

10 Instant Family

Instant_Family-hulu-top_movies-covid _19-coronavirus-couch_crunchers

Instant Family is a rare comedy that also send an uplifting message. The foster care system is an ugly beast and the reason for a lot of heart break across the US. Not only is it hard for the children being ripped away from their homes, the biological parents attempting to reunite with their children, but also the foster families who are looking to start their own families. Because of my personal experiences with the subject, the Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne comedy holds a special place in my heart. It brings a much needed spotlight on the foster care system while being respectful of families who’ve endured traumas, all through the art of comedy. Pay special attention to newcomer Isabela Merced, her performance ensures that she will be a star very soon.

9 Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

star_trek_wrath_of_kahn-hulu-top-movies-covid _19-coronavirus-couch-crunchers

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is largely considered the greatest of all the Star Trek franchise, so much so that they recreated the story for the reboot starring Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch. It features William Shatner in his most famous role, returning to the Starship Enterprise for a two week excursion. During his trip he is met with his old nemesis, Khan Noonien Singh who wants to see his deadly plan come to fruition and Admiral Kirk is the only one who can stop him.

8 Annihilation

annihilation-hulu-top-movies-covid _19-coronavirus-couch-crunchers

Annihilation is a remarkable science fiction work of art, however its initial box office numbers was less than  remarkable. It was labeled as “confusing for general audiences” and its release was spotty. It finally landed on streaming services and has developed a healthy audience. Its a shame that this film can’t be witnessed in its full silver screen glory, but thankfully, HULU has got us covered with a home release.

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7 Good Will Hunting

good-will-hunting-hulu-top-movies-covid _19-coronavirus-couch-crunchers

Good Will Hunting firmly establishes the late Robin Williams as a force to be reckoned with. His award winning performance garnered universal praise and granted him the ability to continue more serious roles outside his usual roles filled with absurdity and self deprecation. Good Will Hunting proves how much Robin Williams contributed to the art and he is sorely missed.

6  Bumblebeebumblebee-hulu-top-movies-covid _19-coronavirus-couch-crunchers

Bumblebee is not your typical Transformers movie. First of all, it features everyone’s favorite Transformer from the franchise and universally love Hailee Steinfeld. It accomplishes many things that its predecessors could not, mainly, a movie about robots filled with heart. It relies less on the Michael Bay explosions and more on the relationship between Steinfeld’s character and her new found friend. Hopefully, Bumblebee proves that Michael Bay does not understand these types of films and we in turn get the Ninja Turtles reboot we deserve.

5 Fighting with My Family

fighting-with-my-family-hulu-top-movies-covid _19-coronavirus-couch-crunchers

Fighting with My Family is the real life story of wrestling superstar, Paige. Florence Pugh was fresh off her award winning performance as Katherine in Lady Macbeth when she was cast in this role. Fighting with My Family surprised me, definitely not a wrestling fan, on just how good it was. It delivers an accurate depiction of the life of lower income families and that drive to achieve dreams normally outside of our capabilities.

4 A Quiet Place

a_quiet_place-hulu-top-movies-covid _19-coronavirus-couch-crunchers

A Quiet Place is John Krasinski’s directorial debut and its the consensus felt by audiences everywhere is that he knocked it out of the park. Forget the fact that he also starred in this movie, but he also directed his real life wife, Emily Blunt. Normally this can be a recipe for disaster, but Krasinski and Blunt deliver a unique horror movie that redefined a stale genre. I for one cant wait for the sequel that was supposed to be out this April but has since been postponed.


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3 Booksmart

booksmart-hulu-top-movies-covid _19-coronavirus-couch-crunchers

You would think that Booksmart wouldn’t be as good as it is, specifically because its all been done before with Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg’s Superbad. However, Booksmart does so much well that its impossible to be ignored. Not only does it deliver star turning performances from it’s two female leads, Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein, it accurately details the devotion between two best friends in high school. It shows you that even the kids that seemingly had everything figured out were just as confused and lost as you were. Though every movie on this list has a certain rewatch factor, Booksmart is one of the few that I can’t wait to consume again, purely to catch all the moments where I laughed so hard that I missed the next line spoken.

2 Mid 90’s

mid_90s-hulu-top-movies-covid _19-coronavirus-couch-crunchers

Where Booksmart succeeded on the average high school experience through comedy, mid90s does so in the form of mock-umentary. Now, the events in this movie are all fake, you can’t help but wonder if director Jonah Hill or someone he knew, actually experienced a lot of these events. The first stroke of genius by new director Hill was casting a relatively unknown pro skateboarder in Sunny Suljic in the main role. Sunny delivers an epic performance and perfectly captures adolescence in a way that it both believable and disturbing. Moments of this film are extremely difficult to watch, but that contributes to the emotion felt in this movie.

1 Parasite (Debuting on Hulu today! April 8th)

parasite-hulu-top-movies-covid _19-coronavirus-couch-crunchers

Parasite is well deserved of being the first foreign language film to win the Oscar for best picture, and before you start shouting your conspiracies as to why it won, I suggest you give it a chance. Yes I understand that the entire movie is in subtitles, but don’t let that deter you. Parasite delivers an emotional view into the drastic measures that one may go to in order to overcome poverty. When your done, check out our issue on YouTube where we invite Matt from Absolute Geek Podcast and Travis from Comic Exposure to talk about this very haunting film.

What do you think Crunchers? Is there a movie that you love that I’ve forgotten? Sound off and circle back daily for more articles like this one. We will be focusing on the 3 major streaming platforms (Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video) with suggestions for documentaries, movies, binge worthy shows, and more!

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