Ranking the Fast and Furious Franchise

Delays are fun aren’t they? The recent news of the #F9 delay has me thinking about the Fast and Furious franchise and I wanted to put out my ranking of the movies. Some of these films are flubs for sure while others reach into the fab realm. Be forewarned that spoilers for the franchise are abundant below.

9. 2 Fast 2 Furious

Easily the worst in the franchise and a miracle that it didn’t end the series altogether. The plot is ridiculous, action sub par and everything is a terrible cliche but in a bad way. It’s not so bad that I refuse to watch it but the only reason I ever do is because I like to re-watch franchises and this is technically part of the franchise.


8. Fast and Furious

The 4th entry in the Fast and Furious saga was definitely headed in the right direction. It shifted the focus back to Dom and Brian while bringing a more action oriented focus. It hits in some regards and completely misses in others but overall it is an enjoyable time.

Fast and Furious.jpg

7. Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

I remember seeing the trailer for this and thinking it was a stupid idea. I then watched it and changed my mind. Tokyo Drift took what made the first movie entertaining and continued that trend. The series drastically shifted to a more action oriented series after this movie but Han and Sean’s story was a great time and introduced the fan favorite Han.

Tokyo Drift

6. The Fast and The Furious

The film that started it all is packed full of masculinity and cars but far less action than what we get today. The original film set out to be a cop drama with a gear head focus and it succeeds in every way. The driving is top notch, races are high octane, the story is simple yet well executed and the characters are fantastic with the exception of Vince who is the unlovable jealous idiot who permeates and ruins every scene he is in.

the fast and the furious.jpg

5. Hobbs and Shaw

Absolutely ridiculous in every way, Hobbs and Shaw is the spin off that takes everything that was started from Fact Five until now and amps it up. The Rock and Jason Statham are perfect as Hobbs and Shaw respectfully and offer up a fun filled, albeit stupid, romp of action fun. It’s one of the dumber films I have seen in a long time but I really enjoy it and will continue to rewatch over the years.

Hobbs and Shaw.jpg

4. Furious 7

The final film with Paul Walker’s character Brian, Furious 7 gives one of the best tributes to an actor I have seen in a long time. I tear up nearly every time I watch the final scene of this movie. Add to that the fact that Jason Statham is just a joy to watch as a villain and you can’t go wrong. Furious 7 is adrenaline pumping action, fast cars, ridiculous story and a fabulous watch.

furious 7

3. Fate of the Furious

This one was surprisingly emotional in nature. Pitting Dom against his crew was not what I expected but it was really cool to see. The franchise has always been about family but we get a sense of just how far Dom will go for his family and the importance his own flesh and blood is to him. The series is all about choosing your own family but this one emphasizes the bond between a father and a son and it really spoke to me.


2. Fast Five

I lived in Brazil for a couple of year so it’s no wonder I love this entry. Set in Rio de Janeiro, the crew embarks on a high stakes heist to rob and take down the tyrant Reyes. Fast Five set the stage for a new type of Fast and Furious franchise and did it in style. Having a crew instead of mostly just focusing on Dom, Letty and Brian was a welcome addition and the introduction of Hobbs was perfect. Dwayne Johnson is one of Hollywood’s most lovable stars and his presence here is a testament to the mark he can make in a movie.

fast five.jpg

1. Fast and Furious 6

Everything that Fast Five introduced with a team oriented approach is added to here. Now, instead of being villains, the team is recruited to be heroes. No longer is Hobbs against them but rather working alongside them. Luke Evans is fantastic as Shaw and the reintroduction of Letty was well done and heartfelt. What Fast Five did to revitalize the franchise, Fast and Furious 6 did to demonstrate the dedication to the new format. It’s not wonder that my top 5 in the franchise are all from Fast Five and after as the team and action format are the best course for the Fast and Furious Saga.

fast and furious 6

What do you think of my list Cruchers? Did I nail it or was I vastly off? Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think.

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