Issue #86 – Sonic the Hedgehog and Fab or Flub with Matt from Absolute Geek

Welcome to your weekly fix of Couch Crunchers! Tonight we’re talking about the newest video game adaption, the #JimCarrey, #JamesMarsden, and #BenSchwartz led #SonicTheHedgehog. Sounds like a great show right? Can’t top that? WRONG! Strap into your sweet car beds, because Matt from Absolute Geek will be joining in on the fun!

0:044 Max’s Trip to Disneyland

19:25 Sonic The Hedgehog Review. Spoilers start around 41:40

1:29:00 Robert Pattinson Batsuit

1:44:30 Lucifer likely to continue on past season 5

1:51:45 Locke and Key

1:56:00 Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer, Hopper is Back!

1:59:00 Rumor that Solo will be explored more on Disney+



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