Issue # 83 – Kenobi Drama, alternate Star Wars concept art, Ghostbusters and The Gentlemen

Join Lance, Max, Sam and our guest Travis from Comic Exposure as we talk about the latest news of the week. Tonight we talk about the #Kenobi Disney+ show drama, , #CloneWars Season 7 and Bill Murray returning for #GhostbustersAfterlife. After the news of the week, the Crunchers are going to discuss our thoughts on the new #GuyRitchie film #TheGentlemen

03:45 Hulu shows Howard the Duck, Dazzler and Tigra all cancelled

11:30 Kenobi Disney+ show reportedly delayed?

22:15 Clone Wars Season 7

33:30 Bill Murray confirmed to return for Ghostbusters: Afterlife

51:25 Weathering with You and A Million Little Things

55:40 The Witcher and why Max doesn’t like shows to go on too long

1:00:00 Travis talks about Mad About You and other 90’s sitcoms

1:08:15 The Shining and Doctor Sleep

1:21:00 The Gentlemen Review

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