Issue # 77 – Our Rise of Skywalker Predicitions, The Last Jedi and Mandalorian Episode 6

Join Max and Matt from Absolute Geek for issue 77 where we dive into our thoughts on The Last Jedi and spout off some predictions for Rise of Skywalker which releases this week. Matt and Max also dive into some of the best video games of the last few years, our thoughts on the Assasin’s Creed Franchise, the new Ghostbusters trailer and much more. Join us for a fun filled episode and lots of crazy talk.

1:50 Ghostbusters Afterlife Trailer

5:17 Marvel TV is officially shutting down

9:00 Is it worth it to keep all these streaming services?

15:15 Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to Xbox and PC March 3, 2021

17:00 Our favorite video games of the last few years

24:30 Xbox Series X thoughts

37:50 What have we been watching?

45:10 Crisis on Infinite Earths Talk

51:45 The Mandalorian Episode 6

1:00:40 The Last Jedi/The Rise of Skywalker final predictions

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