Ranking the Hobbits Across The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit

Tolkien’s novels are widely popular with the 4 most well known books being made into 6 live action films. Within those novels and films there are 5 main hobbits. Having recently re-watched all 6 films, I found myself thinking of who my favorite Hobbits were throughout my viewing.  Keep in mind this list takes into account the books as well as the films but the point is deciding on favorites. So…without further adieu, below is my Hobbit ranking from worst to best. 

5. Frodo


I think most would agree that the main protagonist of LOTR is the most boring of the bunch. I don’t dislike Frodo by any means but he isn’t particularly heroic. He does have a strong resilience to the Ring’s power, even though he succumbs to it in the end and his ability to carry the load for so long is a tribute to his willpower. Further his mercy towards Gollum ultimately leads to the destruction of the ring. Still, he leaves a bit wanting and doesn’t offer much beyond being a sweet and innocent lad. 

4. Merry


Merry is a bundle of fun and the smarter between himself and Pippin. The rascal of a Hobbit offers comedic relief and light heartedness in a grim story about the impending doom of Middle Earth.It’s not just his energy and fun loving nature that make him an asset though. Merry was a helpful presence throughout the story which sees him become an Esquire of Rohan. His crowning achievement comes when he helps Eowyn defeat the Witch King of Angmar by stabbing it in the leg. 

3. Pippin


What a joyful character. Pippin is a loads of fun and absolutely hilarious when paired with Merry and Gandalf. In the books Pippin is pretty awesome, even taking down an Olog-hai (a massive troll) in the final battle of Return of the King. It’s still a major disappointment of mine that we never get to see this moment on screen. Instead we see Aragorn being stomped by the very same monster that Pippin kills in the book.

A rash and foolish decision to look into the Palantir also leads Pippin to discover some of Sauron’s plans and throw the Dark Lord off Frodo’s scent by making him think he Pippin has the ring. This act, while foolish, is instrumental in taking down Sauron once and for all.

The foolhardy halfing even volunteers his service to Denethor and becomes a guard of the citadel. Granted, his brash move volunteering for that task was stupid, but noble none the less. While in Gondor Pippin saves Farmir from burning alive and lights the pyres that lead to Rohan coming to aid the battle.

2. Bilbo


If you look at just The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo isn’t that interesting. A little funny and a cute old man sure but not much beyond that. It’s when he leads the story of The Hobbit that Bilbo shines. He is extremely clever as shown by him delaying the trolls long enough for them to turn to stone from daylight.

His quick wits lead him to defeat Gollum in a battle of riddles, and rescue the dwarves from their elvish prison. By obtaining the one ring, he learns to use it wisely and defeats a group of large spiders thus saving the Dwarves once again. Finally, he outsmarts Smaug leading to the dragon’s demise and the gaining of the Arkenstone.

1. Sam


Samwise the brave is indeed the best name for this young Hobbit. Sam’s deeds are not even his greatest feature. It’s his bravery and loyalty  make him the best Hobbit of all. He volunteers to venture into Mordor with Frodo and refuses to be take no for an answer. Our fat Hobbit sees through Gollum’s schemes and manipulation where Frodo cannot and he single handedly fights of Shelob. Plus, Sam is the best at making taters.

When he thinks Frodo dead, he doesn’t give up hope. Instead Sam takes the ring and continues on to mount Doom fully intent on finishing the task. Learning that Frodo is indeed alive, he makes his way into an orc stronghold and saves his dear friend all by his lonesome. My favorite moment of all is when Frodo cannot go on any longer and collapses. Weak from exhaustion, lack of food and dehydration, Sam slings his halfling companion over his shoulder and proclaims, “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!”

Samwise the brave is a stunning example of heroism, loyalty, and strength of character. It’s his loving attitude and personality that shine strongest of all. You’d be hard pressed to find a LOTR fan that dislikes Sam and there is good reason for that. For all the reason mentioned above, Sam is my favorite Hobbit. Who is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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