My Pitch for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3

Spiderman sadOk, hear my out. Here is my pitch for the next Spider-Man flick Spider-Man: Homeward Bound

Depressed about his secret identity being revealed and somehow not being allowed to mention his hero Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Ned and MJ go to summer camp in upstate New York at the request of Aunt May. While on vacation, their camp counselor leaves to go to the store to get some milk and Peter and his friends can’t handle it. Feeling abandoned, they run away from camp on a journey to make it back home to May. While on the run, the group gets up to all sorts of mischief. Ned even gets stabbed in the nose by a porcupine and MJ helps to patch him up. May finds out that Peter ran away and hires this Hunter named Kraven to help her track them down. At one point, Peter has a run in with a local town’s child protection agency who calls Kraven and May to have them come pick them up. Before the two arrive however, Peter uses his tingle to mount a daring escape for Ned, MJ and himself. Eventually Kraven and May give up and head back to the apartment in New York and then the trio makes their way home. Everyone is overjoyed.


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