The Matrix 20 Years Later

The year is 1999, my parents are out of town on a trip and my brother and I are staying at a friend’s house. Growing up in a very conservative household, I had not seen a rated R movie at this point in my life (about 11 years old). My friend’s parents were much more lax on movie ratings and as such had rented this little movie called The Matrix. We decided to put it on one night and my world was changed from that day on. By today’s standards, The Matrix would be PG-13 (very little blood splatter, no sex or nudity and not a single F word) but at the time it was a big jump for me. Fast forward to tonight and I caught a 20 year anniversary screening at AMC in their Dolby Vision theater here in Colorado Springs.


The rating ended up not being a big deal in the end as what stuck with me was the action, world, story, sound effects and music. The Matrix brought a unique and confusing story that I still don’t fully understand. With every re-watch, I pick up new nuggets and this is something I greatly love about it. After 2 decades, The Matrix is one of the most re-watchable movies ever made with the deep sci-fi story and fantastic action. This first watch when I was 11 years old had me hooked and The Matrix was my favorite movie for years after. These days I won’t designate anything as my favorite movie but I will say that The Matrix is on my list of favorite movies ever made.

Keanu Reeves stars in the film as Thomas Anderson, a hacker who prefers to go by Neo. At this point in time, Reeves was not known as an action hero like he is today and I am so glad that he was cast. Keanu Reeves is an outstanding human being and extremely entertaining to watch as an action star. The final battle between Agent Smith and Neo is still one of the greatest action sequences I have ever seen. When Neo signals for Smith to come get more, I giggle like a gitty 11 year old boy all over again. It’s a fight scene I will never tire of and enjoy every time I watch it.


As much as I enjoyed my first viewing of the film, I always wished I had the opportunity to see it in theaters so when I saw the news that AMC was going to bringing it back to theaters for a limited time in celebration of 20 years, I knew I had to go. I am so happy I took the time to go to the theater. AMC’s Dolby Vision is one of the best ways you can watch a movie. The superior audio and visual quality mixed with a massive screen make for a great movie going experience. I am such a hardcore movie fan, I am constantly looking for new ways to consume my content. D-box at my local Cinemark is one example of this, IMAX and Dolby Digital are all different ways to experience these big screen experiences how they were intended. Each of these formats has their place but Dolby Vision certainly has an edge as far as visual quality and sound mix. The first couple times I went to Dolby at AMC I told myself that IMAX is better and, while IMAX is great, Dolby Vision is a crisper image and better sound with only the sacrifice of a smaller, yet still massive, screen. D-box is a completely different experience as it is more about the moving chair but ultimately watching The Matrix in a premium format was a wonderful time.

Watching as Neo and Trinity took down all of the guards, Morpheus and Neo’s training match, or the moment Neo becomes The One and stops bullets in mid air on the big screen was a sight to behold and a dream come true for me. There is little I enjoy more than going to the movie theater so the opportunity to experience a beloved film I never got to see on the big screen is something I cannot adequately express in words. I love when old movies come back like this and I look forward to re-experiencing some of these beloved films as they come back.


What are some films you would like to see come back to theaters so you can re-experience them Crunchers? Sound off below in the comments. Next stop for me is the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King which is coming to another local theater here in the coming weeks.

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