Spider-Man Far From Home: Twists, Turns, and Peter Tingles. WTF MCU?

Tom Holland is back for his 5th appearance as the wall crawler and this time he is about as far from home as he can get. Peter Parker is ready for a school trip to Europe which will take him to Venice, Paris and more. With a plan to enjoy his vacation and potentially get himself a girlfriend, Peter is anxious to take some time off after saving the universe from Thanos’ snap. Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame let me start by saying there will be spoilers for Avengers: Endgame in this review. Consider this your spoiler warning.

After saving the universe and seeing his mentor Tony Stark sacrifice himself in the process, Peter is left empty and feeling pressure to take on the mantle of Iron Man from his previous idol and father figure. It is clearly too much pressure for a young teenager to handle and he understandably wants a break which he expects to get in Europe. His school trip does not go as planned as he is contacted by Nick Fury and brought in on a battle to save the world with the help of Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) or Mysterio as the people of Venice name him after he and Peter help save the city from an elemental.


The story is exciting and well acted with the chemistry between Holland and Gyllenhaal one of the highlights of the film. Considering the character of Peter is looking for a new father figure, it makes perfect sense how he latches himself to Beck and instantly makes a connection. We get to see an extremely vulnerable Peter Parker in this movie and it is highly relatable. The lengths Peter goes to in order to impress a girl, remind me of myself when I was in high school. The awkward interactions between Ned and a girl, as well as subsequent relationships between some of the teenage characters are exactly like what I saw in my younger years. This Spider-Man has been all about coming of age in each of his appearances and Spider-Man Far From Home takes it to another level. It demonstrates the naivety of a young man like Peter. The stupid decisions he makes seem like reasonable mistakes for someone of his experience who is grieving and just wants to be a kid for a couple weeks.

I don’t expect any film this year, including Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, is going to be more epic than Avengers: Endgame as far as action, set pieces and special effects, but Spider-Man is still incredibly impressive. I have now seen the movie twice, one in a standard movie theater and the second time in a Cine Capri theater with better quality picture and sound. The Elementals are impressive to behold on screen and Mysterio’s abilities are beautifully rendered. The sound mixing is adrenaline pumping and perfectly executed. The MCU has always been great at delivering outstanding action sequences and Spider-Man Far From Home certainly fits that bill again.


Where Far From Home lacks slightly is in the villain’s motivation. To say what that is would be a spoiler but I didn’t relate to the end goal of the villain and it made my enjoyment slightly lessened. Aside from this minor complaint, Spider-Man Far From Home is outstanding. The relatable nature of the teenage story, action, acting and special effects are top notch. Additionally the reveals, twist and turns are a ton of fun even if the villain’s motivation is lackluster. Tom Holland is perfect as Spider-Man, Jake Gynllenhaal shines as Mysterio and seeing Samuel L. Jackson back as Nick Fury is a delight as usual. Check out Spider-Man Far From Home in theaters now Crunchers!

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!



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