The Top 10 Actors That Should Play Wolverine in the MCU Reboot of Xmen

The Top 10 Actors That Should Play Wolverine in the MCU Reboot of Xmen

We are all waiting for it right? The Avengers and the Xmen together in the House of Mouse where they should have been all along. I for one hope to get a Hulk VS Wolverine movie or See Wolverine, Punisher, and Ghost Rider interact in some capacity. Once thought to be pipe dreams are now a little bit closer to being a reality. We are finally getting the MCU that we deserve, if Sony continues to play ball of course.

This list disregards height (kind of) and tries to keep age in mind as Marvel Studios is going to want someone who can play the character for the next 10 to 15 years. The actor needs to have the ability to carry a tent pole film because, as we saw with Dark Phoenix and Apocalypse, Xmen movies NOT featuring Wolverine tend to suffer a little bit.

So without further ado, here is my list of The “Top 10 Actors That Should Play Wolverine in the MCU Reboot of Xmen”.


Karl Urban
Depends on the status of Amazon’s “The Boys”. Will it require a lot of time to where he would have to turn down roles like this? Much like Jensen Ackles choosing Supernatural over the MCU, where does Karl Urbans passion lie? In TV or Movies? (Downside to this casting, Urban has already played Skurge in Thor Ragnarok, and I’m not sure if Marvel is keen on recycling a familiar face)



Tom Hardy
It won’t happen due to his long term involvement with Venom to which Sony wont budge. He’s too close to the MCU as it is, plus I like to understand what my favorite characters are saying. However, he has the look so it wouldn’t be hard to convince me.


Luke Evans
Featured in many fan casts online, Evans is most know for the Fast and the Furious movies and the Live action Beauty and the Beast. Already having a relationship with Disney, he has solid acting ability and his face could fit the look of Wolverine. Just leave the Gaston suit at home buddy.


Taylor Kitsch
His last Disney foray was not a box office smash so its unlikely Disney would take that gamble again, and he is linked to the worst Xmen related movie Fox ever made, even considering Dark Phoenix and Apocalypse. Kitsch is the kind of guy that you love but don’t know why you love him, maybe it’s all those years on Friday Night Lights. He deserves another shot! (If not Wolverine, bring him back as Gambit but this time do it right)


Charlie Hunnam
Similar to Taylor Kitsch, Charlie Hunnam desperately needs a hit. Following his breakout role in Sons of Anarchy, Hunnam has failed… well, to breakout. Consistent missteps with King Arthur, Pacific Rim, and Crimson Peak have held the actor down, Wolverine could be just the role needed to open doors to him that have recently be closed. Hunnam also has comedic chops that could be useful in a role like this ie; the short lived Apatow masterpiece, “Undeclared” where his costars (Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel, and Jason Segel) have moved past him.


Jensen Ackles
While researching my list, I saw Mr. Dean Winchester’s name appear more often than I thought I would. He, in my opinion, has the acting and comedic ability to pull off such a role, and with Supernatural coming to an end after next year, Ackles may be looking for a new project. He has been on Marvels radar for years and was once thought to be the front runner for Hawkeye and one of three choices for Captain America. His only flaw? His face is too pretty and he’s 40. Don’t be surprised to see his name appear in the rumor mill regarding other Marvel roles. If they go for an older actor, Nova could be an option.


Richard Armitage
Currently voicing Wolverine in the “Wolverine: The Long Night” Podcast, Armitage already has familiarity with the character. He’s got the look down, but he’s 3 years younger (46) than Hugh Jackman and may not be a long term solution.



Couch Crunchers-Scott Caan-Wolverine-Marvel-Disney-Xmen-Fancast
Scott Caan
He has the acting ability, looks, and comedic ability. I know we weren’t going to address it but Caan is 5’5” and can give Wolverine the comic accurateness that diehard fans are craving. Is he too old? How much longer could he be jumping around at 42?


Anson Mount – Was the only redeeming quality in Marvels The Inhumans as Black Bolt, but that’s not saying a lot.


Jai Courtney – Viewed as a franchise killer (Die Hard, Terminator, Suicide Squad (to which the jury is still out))


Dafne Keen – Her version of X23 would not fit in the MCU in my opinion and it would be hard to disconnect from Logan being her origin story. Besides the fact that even though X23 is a clone, its still a different character and I would like for both to exist in some fashion.

Scott Eastwood – I’ve seen a lot of fan art depicting Scott Eastwood as Wolverine for years now and honestly, why? The dude can’t act. Period. If he got the role it would be because he is Hollywood royalty.

Couch Crunchers-Wolverine-Hugh Jackaman-Ryan Reynolds-Deadpool
Hugh Jackman – We can dream but it won’t happen. He doesn’t want it, Marvel and Disney don’t want it. The only person who seems to want it is Ryan Reynolds who will have to settle for magazine cutouts.

Which Brings us to our TOP 2:


Couch Crunchers-Liam Hemsworth-Wolverine-Marvel-Disney-MCU-Xmen-Reboot
Liam Hemsworth
Okay here me out, He’s got the looks, he’s got the pedigree (Hunger Games) his brother is currently in the MCU and he’s an Aussie which we’ve already found out somehow translates to Canadian (see Hugh Jackman)



Couch Crunchers-Taron Egerton-Wolverine-Hugh Jackman-Marvel-Xmen-Disney
Taron Egerton
Taron Egerton will soon become Hollywood’s next big “thing” from Kingsman, Rocketman, and Eddie the Eagle (In which he starred with Hugh Jackman and also received his blessing to take on the Wolverine mantle) Egerton has been my choice SINCE DAY ONE when the idea of a Wolverine recast started making rounds. I think my pestering has slowly started to bring people around because I’m hearing more and more agreement that Egerton is the best casting option to take Xmen into the future. Disney needs to capitalize on the rise that the 30 year old actor will soon experience. I would not be surprised if conversations are not already happening in some capacity.

So Crunchers, there it is. The Top 10 Actors That Should Play Wolverine in the MCU Reboot of Xmen. Do you agree with this list? Is there someone that you want to see? Join us and our special guest Matt from the Absolute Geek Podcast, LIVE on YouTube June 15th 2019 at 7pm MST to give us your thoughts! See you then!


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