The Top 10 things I want to see in the final season of Supernatural

Don’t freak out but Supernatural is ending after next season, a lot of storylines will be closed before the final bell tolls. Here is what I want to see before that happens. Now, a lot of things in this list contradict each other and can’t ALL happen and what we know WONT happen. Having said that, here are The Top 10 things I want to see in the final season of Supernatural.

A successful lead-in to a spinoff

So far we’ve been teased a spin-off in the news and given another, Wayward Sisters, in the form of a soft pilot. Neither of which have seen the light of day.

Sam & Dean die and are sent to Hell. They then have to fight to get to heaven.

Think Bogus Journey meets All Dogs go to Heaven.

The return of fan-favorite characters

If you saw our previous Top 10 list, you know that many wonderful characters have perished. It would be awesome to see those characters return (not the alternate dimension ones)

Mary and John Winchester living happily ever after

Are Sam and Dean alive in this scenario? Probably. You can bet that Mary and John would fight to get their boys back so this would be the only way to get this ending.

Sam and Dean win!

See scenario 5 but this also sees the expulsion of evil… not likely.

The return of Crowley as The King of Hell

Crowley’s exit seemed a bit rushed when it happened. We know for certain that he’s alive right? Why not have the boys save him?

A celebrity ghost (Bill Murray, Headless Nick)

Purely fan serving but an actor who is famous for a ghost role would be awesome.

Jack and Adam Return

With Adam in the pit and Jacks future unknown, a return of these two characters could also serve as a spinoff to sing the same formula.

Sam, Dean, Adam, Mary, and John live happily ever after

Again, see scenario 5 – NOT LIKELY

Sam and Dean die a heroic death

Many fans agree (including the series stars) that this is the only proper ending to the show, however, if HBO has proved anything, production studios always find a way to screw series finale episodes up.

What do you want to see out of the 15th and FINAL season of this beloved TV show?

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