The Top 10 Most Devastating Deaths On Supernatural

In honor of the greatest CW series of all time’s finale announcement (looking at you Buffy and Smallville) The Series Sergeant ranks his top 10 Most devastating deaths on Supernatural.


Now before you get into this too far, be warned, Jack is not on this list. We don’t know what happened at the season finale. I am not putting him in the “dead” category because we simply do not know.




How could you not love Benny? Sure, he’s a blood thirsty vampire but he died without getting his redemption, unless you count self sacrifice.


Kelly Kline


Kelly, we never truly knew you, but your story resonated with Supernatural hearts every where. Another story of self sacrifice.


Mary Winchester


Mary Winchester was a toss up for me, she’s been resurrected but she was away for so long that her absence is still felt today. It literally shaped the Winchester Bros lives.




Crowley, you were never meant to be loved but we did anyways. Another story of self sacrifice. Here’s hoping we see you before the shows end!




A mother figure to the Winchesters, a void was felt when her and a certain someone to be named later in the list, self sacrificed themselves to save the Winchesters from a pack of Hell Hounds.


John Winchester


John Winchester, all the boys want is their family whole, but you had to leave to pursue larger roles.




Jo Harvelle, Dean’s first romantic interest, if I’m not mistaken, was loved by fans everywhere. She is sorely missed as a point of humanizing Dean Winchester. The onscreen chemistry that Jensen Ackles and Alona Tal shared was a ray of hope in an otherwise dreary and dark show.




Kevin, sweet, innocent Kevin. I don’t know how much i need to say here except he was my favorite prophet and our replacement (Donatello) is not adequate.




But she’s still on the show! I’m sure you exclaimed when seeing Felicia Day’s picture but no, you are wrong. The Charlie we know is gone and the Charlie we have is from the alternate dimension. I miss the old one.




Oh man the tears were heavy when Bobby Singer died. Bobby was the first real father figure the boys had after John and is credited with the best one liners on the show. The worst part is that Bobby died in what was a pretty awful season, the Leviathan story line was old and boring. The only reason this was done to shock our senses a little bit. Jim Beaver was born to play this role, just like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

What do you think Crunchers? Did I get my list right? Who do you think should have made it on the list that I didn’t name, or was ranked to high or low? Comment below!

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