Calling All Fans: Game of Thrones 8.5 Review



So many people are griping and groaning over this recent episode of our beloved Game of Thrones, and frankly, they have every reason to. I may have different thoughts.

Hot Take: maybe we all need to calm down.

I believe that every work of art should be weighed not only by what is wrong with it, but by what is done well. Visually, it was one of the most beautiful episodes GoT has ever done. The emotions are captured in bright colors and beautiful contrasts. But just about anyone with a few photography classes can make a good picture, so what else?

It makes us grieve. I felt a loss when I saw Daenerys officially become worse than her father. I watched her lose everything, and the last straw broke her sanity and made her mad with rage. Did they go too far? Did she skip about 40 steps between Mereen and utter insanity? Maybe. But there were signs and we chose not to see them because the enemies she slaughtered were despicable, and we wanted them to die too. Nevertheless we grieve a magnificent character whom most of us have loved since she first touched her dragon egg.

Any cinematic experience that can render me speechless because I am worried for a character’s life has done something right. I was on the edge of my seat nearly every moment.

On to the negatives.


Ah, yes. Character. I can’t pretend to like what they did with Jaime. That was 7 seasons of character development out the window. Clegane Bowl was only a few minutes long, and it was mostly a brutal head bashing — Sandor’s fight with Brienne was better. Jon and Tyrion’s inaction nearly brought me to furious tears. Arya didn’t do anything but stumble around and nearly die.

Bran wasn’t even in it. He is truly the most useless character of all time if he doesn’t do something next episode. One thing we have noticed is that Bran managed to affect the past, so maybe he can contribute in some way. Finally.

Then Cersei gets to die in the arms of the man she loves, under the tower that she ruled for far too long?

It’s nonsense.

It bothers me so much because it’s not satisfying. There will be no satisfaction until it ends, and that is where my “Hot Take” comes in.

To all those panicking and fussing, you are judging a work of art before it’s done. Calm down.

Anything can happen next week.

And those who are saying this is the worst thing of all time and nothing will ever be worse, ever? You are being ridiculous. We have received 7 seasons of tremendous hard work and beautiful narrative storytelling. If they drop the ball, then it will hit the ground, but until then, we have 7 seasons of one of the most unique stories ever told, don’t try to make them irrelevant.

Enjoy them.

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  1. no, its a dumpster fire. Only thing that could possibly redeem the whole season is if turns out that Bran was either warging Dany or Drogon.

    This is the lady who locked her dragons when they allegedly killed a 6 year old girl.
    It looks amazing, the acting is top notch, the sound design is beautiful. But D&D, like the kings landing, have burned their own creation into the ground.

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