Tolkien Review

The story of the acclaimed author of the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy comes to life in Tolkien. Played by Nicholas Hoult, the famed author is brought to life. As a big Lord of the Rings fan I was excited for this film but didn’t know what to expect. Let me first start by saying that it is about his life and what led to his inspirations for his stories. Where some biopics tell the tale of their career such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Tolkien focuses almost completely on his life before the books. I personally wasn’t expecting this so wanted to mention it now to set expectations.

The fact that it deals more with his life is actually a strength rather than a detriment to the story. We get to see his childhood, love and battle through World War I and how all of this plays into his stories. It was a fascinating movie from start to finish and gives a glimpse into the mind of the genius author. Sadly the Tolkien estate didn’t endorse the film but it’s ultimately an enjoyable journey still.

Fans of the books and films will catch many Easter eggs and references. When Tolkien is at war we cam see paralells to Sauron, his wife is clearly the inspiration for elves, his friends are the fellowship and what make up the 4 Hobbits in particular. Further we get to see Tolkien’s profound love of language and how this plays such a pivotal role in his books such as the elvish language. Add to that the fact that his group of friends were all lovers of art and it tells a story of why songs, poetry and art are all such a big part of Tolkien’s literature.

The acting is top notch with incredible performances from Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins. Both the leads are crucial to the tale and give us viewers a sense of who these people were. Sadly much of what is show is interpretation of who these people were. Regardless, I was highly entertained and excited to see a film about such a famed author. In a time full of heroes, cartoons and action, Tolkien is a delightful departure yet still nerdy enough to warrant a Crunchers review.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!


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