Gotham Season 5 Finale Review (Spoilers)

After 5 season, Gotham ends with one of its weakest season yet and even worse on a poorly executed final episode that was meant to show us Batman and ended up being a major let down. We will be delving into full spoilers here so be warned.

Before diving into the finale, let’s start with the first 11 episodes which are what comprise the final season’s story. We get introduced to Bane, get some better Catwoman development, see a lot more Penguin and Riddler and overall have a fun time. It’s nothing to write home about but there are some good moments. The mind control for Riddler was interesting, the way Bane was corrupted was kinda cool, and seeing Barbara and Jim make a baby was great considering their daughter is Watchtower and Batgirl in the comics. There was plenty of good here but it was also kind of just meh at times. Jeremiah for instance is a poor man’s Jerome and it’s a shame. It makes it even worse when we get Jeremiah’s take on The Joker in the final episode and it wasn’t anywhere near as good as what Jerome gave us throughout his many appearances in the show.

Gotham joker FRAMEGRAB

The show’s finale was a disaster to me. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t awful but it was all over the place. We get to see Penguin and Riddler in classic costumes including fat Penguin but we get no substance. We get a call back to Jim and Penguin on the peer but it wasn’t an emotional moment and just showcased how utterly whiny Penguin has become on the show. Riddler only got a few moments and none of it was that good. Joker was the overarching enemy of the show but we barely saw any more of him than what was shown in the trailer they released for Joker’s appearance. He got maybe 5 minutes of screen time. It was truly a shame to see them try to cram so much into such a small amount of time. With everything they wanted to do, they would have been better off with doing a two part finale.


This brings me to another disappointment which is Batman. When we finally see Batman he looks pretty underwhelming considering they use David Mazouz’s skinny chin. Further, I remember seeing a promise from screen writers that they weren’t going to do what Smallville did and not show the character until the very end. That is exactly what they did. Yeah, we got a few shots of Batman from afar and from behind but no true images until the very end. When you have a show that has been building up Batman for 5 years only to show him in fleeting images, it’s anti climactic to say the least. Titan’s had an episode that showcased the caped crusader and it was also far better than what we saw here even after developing Bruce for years. It’s a real bummer to see a finale so poorly done.


On the positive side, the characters looked pretty cool. Penguin and Riddle both looked amazing, Jim Gordon’s signature mustache at the beginning was a fun nod, Alfred in more traditional garb was incredible to see and Selina Kyle was fantastic. I am really happy they decided to go with an older actress after the 10 year time jump. She looked like Camren Bicondova but older and her voice was a bit more mature. Her Catwoman costume was nice to see as well as her diamond robbery scene. Nothing against Camren Bicondova but the older actress was absolutely the right call and my favorite part of the episode.


Gotham was one of my favorite shows on television and I look forward to re-watching it in the future. Luckily the finale doesn’t destroy my goodwill towards the show but it was a mess. From the lack of focus and no real attention to anyone to the fact that the story was a run of the mill villain of the week, it felt like a poorly executed pilot rather than a series finale. The payoff after half a decade just wasn’t there and it felt out of place. The costumes for classic characters were great but ultimately underutilized. I’m sad that I was so hyped for this finale and it didn’t deliver. Hopefully DC Universe can continue to deliver some great content now that this DC show has come to an end.

2 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!


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