Avengers Endgame: When To Pee? *Very Minor Spoiler Warning*

Welcome Crunchers, to my article meant for those with weak bladders! Even with a whopping 3 hour run time, Avengers Endgame will have you at the edge of your seat nearly the entire film. With that said, many are asking the question, when can I take a break? I have seen a few articles regarding this topic but now that I have seen the movie for myself, I have come to my own conclusions on the matter.

Without getting too spoilery, a lot of the film is based on building strategy and focuses on nostalgia from the previous films. It’s really important to be able to follow everything that is happening, and the moments of nostalgia are just too fantastic to miss. So here is my best thought on when to rush off to pee:

There is a scene where Rocket and Bruce Banner go to find Thor. It is a fantastic scene, that would be a shame to miss but at the same time, after you take a moment to see what Thor has been up to lately, the rest of the scene isn’t vitally important to the story. This is the BEST time to take a break in my opinion. However, Marvel has done a great job of making every second count in this movie. Good luck Crunchers and enjoy!

Thor Yes


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