Famous Last Words: Game of Thrones 8.2 Review

Speaking of thrones, have you seen last night’s episode? If you haven’t, look no further!


Easter Sunday’s episode was all about love and relationships. Basically reminding us why we all love each of these characters so much before they take them from us! Just get it over with, already. I can’t take the suspense!

There were a few notable exhanges throughout the episode. For example…

Tormund and Brienne


I was never a big fan of this combination that people tried to create. Granted, Tormund is one of my top 5 favorite characters, but Brienne is obviously not into it. It made for some hilarious moments when he talked about his backstory, though. 10/10 totally worth it!

Jaime and Everyone


Jaime has one of the most tremendous story arcs in Game of Thrones. He’s a villain turned honorable and as such he is also in my top 5 favorites. His interaction with Daenerys and Sansa were tense and incredible, but Brienne standing up for him was absolutely delicious. I’ve been a fan of them as a couple for a long time  and it seems that — after that knighthood he gave her — there may be a chance.

Arya and Gendry


Ow owww!! I mean, I think everyone wanted this but I was very impressed with the delivery. Gendry was definitely scared and aroused. Overall, it was great to finally see a human side of Arya, and not just the killer.

The Horde


With only four episodes left it was about damn time that the Night King and his horde made it to Winterfell. At the same time, though, we know it will bring nothing but destruction and death to our favorite characters.

Rating: 5 Couch Cushions

This episode had charm and humor that we will sorely need before the long night. It reminded us who we love and why. It allowed them to say a gentle and beautiful goodbye before the darkness overcomes the stage.

For as we know… Valar Morghulis!

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