Game of Thrones: Pieces on the Board

Spoilers, friends!!

Our favorite characters are back, but instead of fire and blood, we got a whole lot of talking. If you’re disappointed by this, then you obviously haven’t been paying attention to how the story has gone so far.

The first episode in every season is always about setting the pieces onto the chess board. Most people I know were expecting an explosive entrance, and that’s just not how Game of Thrones does things, even with this limited run time.

But that’s a good thing!


Instead of death we were given reunions. We saw Arya reunite with Jon, The Hound, and Gendry. We saw Dany forced to face consequences when she told Sam she excecuted his father and brother. We saw the Golden Company and Euron Greyjoy return to King’s Landing. All so they can build even more on what this show does best; character development. While most reunions were hopeful, some were tainted with eerie views of the darkness coming to the world.


In the magnificent new intro, we saw the spread of death spilling from the shattered Wall and out into Westeros. The scene with the child nailed to the wall and nearly stabbing Tormund (who I’m so happy is alive, by the way) was mortifying to say the least.

By the end, it seems like everyone’s ready to go to war, and then we see Jaime.


I felt that it was incredibly poetic to have the story end with the two characters who sparked this whole conflict. The child, and the man who tried to kill him.

It’s a testament to the storytelling of this show that I now prefer the killer. When the scene cut off and the credits rolled, I felt exactly what I should have felt — anticipation.

In any case, if you were disappointed about the lack of action or terror, please don’t be! Game of Thrones has never disappointed patient viewers, and the Gods know we’ve been patient enough!

While you’re waiting, you should lay out on those 5 Couch Cushions that I give this episode. Wonderfully done and executed!


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