Weekly Shonen Jump Rundown (4/7/2019) – OPM,Chainsaw Man, Dr. Stone

One Punch Man this week, showing us what the hero association is up against with the monster association. Chainsaw Man continues the dilemma facing Denji in the demon’s trap. And Dr. Stone reaches a major milestone and sets sail for the Grand Line. Check out all of this week’s releases for free at http://www.viz.com.


One Punch Man 92: The Hero Association’s advanced rescue team makes their way into the evacuated City Z, where they are immediately set upon by the Monster Association’s riffraff. Tornado, Puri Puri Prisoner, and Atomic Samurai make a powerful showing, but there is still one group of heroes who haven’t shown their faces, Saitama, Genos, and King. Where are they?


My Hero Academia 223: The League of Villains continues its campaign to reclaim All for One’s empire. But, while making progress against Gigantomachia, a new threat emerges, one threatening to wipe all villain organizations from the map.


The Last Saiyuki 7: After disposing of the threat of Shige’s monster, a new, more powerful threat emerges: a weird boy named Sai. He quickly goes on the offensive against Ryunosuke’s father, and he is looking to make Ryunosuke an orphan.


Chainsaw Man 17: Denji is still stuck in the demon’s trap, and the trouble is only growing. The demon wants to eat his heart, and its appetite is growing.


The Promised Neverland 130: Emma, bless her heart, is going to move forward with her rose-colored plan to save everyone in the whole world, demons included. Good luck with that, Emma. It’s liable to get her killed.


Dr. Stone 100: Senku and crew climb aboard their ship, the Perseus, and set sail for the New World to discover the secret of the petrification beam. Clearly, this is an homage to the Shonen epic, One Piece, which set sail for the Grand Line in its 100th chapter. And so, the adventure begins now.

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