Weekly Shonen Jump Rundown (3/31/2019) OP, MHA, Chainsaw Man

After last week’s huge release, we have a smaller issue, but the quality is as big as ever! Huge revelations in One Piece, villains teaming up in My Hero Academia, and more demons and betrayal in Chainsaw Man! As always, you can read these official releases for free at http://www.viz.com.


One Piece 938: Sanji is sure loving his new stealth raid suit, or at least he was until Nami caught him in the bathhouse. The rebellion is in serious trouble as the Samurai’s message has been discovered, hinting that there may be a traitor in their midst. And Zoro meets another missing piece of the Kozuki puzzle. Will this mean more of the mysteries of Wano will be unfolded?


My Hero Academia 222: Tomura Shigaraki reveals where all those creepy hands came from, and it is just as creepy as you probably imagined. I’m still not sure if Shigaraki has what it takes to be any more than a violent killer, and I’m not the only one. Former disciple of All for One, Gigantomachia also needs convincing.


The Last Saiyuki 5: Ryunosuke and Koharu team up to eliminate the fear-driven monster plaguing young Shige. Using ancient weaponry, they face the beast head on. But, just like any ghost buster, elimination is only the first step. What does it take to seal the gateway to nightmares back up?


Chainsaw Man 16: Denji awakens to find the situation has only worsened. He learns that the agents leading his team are quickly losing their nerve. So when the demon resurfaces and offers the team a way out of the trap at Denji’s expense, Denji is little surprised when they turn on him.


The Promised Neverland 129: Norman reveals what is in the basement of their hideout: dead demons and demon parts in jars. It’s all part of his research into how to defeat demon kind. It also turns out that he knows Emma’s old demon friend, Mujika, by another, more sinister name.

Dr. Stone is off this week. Catch all the other titles for free at http://www.viz.com.

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