Weekly Shonen Jump Rundown (3/24/2019) – BIG Releases This Week (OPM, Boruto, MHA:Vigilantes, DBS)

It’s a huge week of manga dropping, as Shonen Jump’s monthly and biweekly series are hitting all at once, including One Punch Man, Dragon Ball Super, Boruto, and My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, along with your favorite weekly titles, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Chainsaw Man. For free access to all these titles and more, visit http://www.viz.com.


One Piece 937: Big Mom is looking for a special treat that happens to be in the hands of Queen, Kaido’s lackey who oversees Luffy’s prison sump match. Meanwhile, Zoro takes on a noble warrior from Wano, as well as a criminal assassin, in order to save his sword and two survivors of Lord Orochi’s rampage at the castle.


Boruto 33: Naruto’s battle with Kara’s powerful warrior, Delta, comes to a conclusion, as Naruto taps into his inexhaustible chakra and summons his classic move, the Oodama Rasengan. Is it enough to ground Delta for good?


My Hero Academia 221: The League of Villains is trying desperately to pick up where All for One left off, but they need a leg up. Unfortunately, their leg up wants to kill them.


Chainsaw Man 15: Denji and his team are after a trace of the dreaded Gun Demon, and their search leads them to the 8th floor of a hotel, but now it seems the cannot escape. They are caught in a demon’s escape room with no clues. Can they make it out before Denji loses his chance with Makima?


Dr. Stone 99: Coming up on Chapter 100, the Kingdom of Science is embarking on its most ambitious endeavor ever. Senku and his team complete their ocean liner and commemorate the occasion with a photograph. The real story of the New Stone Age begins here.


The Last Saiyuki 4: Ryunosuke’s buddy Shige is back from camp, and he’s had a rough time there. The ghost stories at camp have begun to materialize, and could end up overwhelming young Shige. It’s up to Ryunosuke and his sister to save Shige from being destroyed.


The Promised Neverland 128: Emma and Norman come to grips with the fact that they have a difference of opinion regarding the fate of demonkind. The result is an entire chapter of talking.


My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 50: Problems, but, flying, exploding Nomu type problems are heading to the Captain Celebrity Farewell Party, and Crawler and Captain Celebrity are the only ones trying to stop them. Odds are not in their favor.


Dragon Ball Super 46: Moro proves more than a match for Goku and Vegeta, to the point of their complete defeat. After three days of recovery, can they summon enough power to tackle the original evil?


One Punch Man 91: The S Class heroes make a plan to take on the Monster Association, but decide to leave out Silver Fang because of his failure to kill Garo. As a result, Genos and King decide to team up with Silver Gang and Blizzard to infiltrate the Class S mission, but they have no idea where Saitama is. Saitama has no idea where Saitama is.

As always, there are tons of titles available for free at http://www.viz.com. Check them out and let us know which are your favorite chapters this week!

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