Weekly Shonen Jump Rundown (3/17/2019)

This week in your favorite manga, Luffy takes on a horde of Kaido’s minions, The League of Villains gets a flashback and power boost, and Denji rejects the advances of a manipulative agent. For free access to this week’s manga chapters, plus archive access to hundreds of other titles, visit http://www.viz.com.


One Piece 936: Luffy’s tumultuous turn in county lockup takes a turn for the worse when Kaido’s balloon shaped sidekick places him in a battle to the death. Elsewhere, Nami levels an entire squadron of goons with her most powerful attack, the Happiness Punch. And Zoro tracks down his missing sword.


My Hero Academia 220: We take a break from the hero side of things and catch up with the League of Villains, who have been down on their luck since the defeat of All For One. After scrounging for weeks, they get a huge boost to their numbers.


Dr. Stone 98: Shipbuilding is proving difficult, even with the scientific society’s street paving skills stepping up. Does Senku’s science hold the answers, or will someone else step up with a solution?


The Promised Neverland 127: Emma learns more demon secrets from Norman, and reveals her own secret in the process.


The Last Saiyuki 3: Turns out our boy, Ryunosuke has access to the remnants of Goku’s power pole, a staff that endlessly extends in order to eliminate evil. And his new kid sister, Koharu, has the ability to destroy civilization hidden in her fragile mind. Does this portend an eventual conflict between these strange siblings?


Chainsaw Man 14: Our little Denji is growing up right before our eyes. A series that initially promised to be a supernatural battle manga is quickly turning out to be a harem story, as a third girl has now offered romantic incentive to ya boi Denji to get him to kill demons. Thus series keeps hitting us with surprises, and hopefully it can continue to deliver.

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