Triple Frontier Review

Netflix latest original film stars some massive hitters. Ben Affleck (Justice League/Argo) and Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: The Last Jedi/Annihilation) are just two of the major names in the new thriller from Netflix. With such big names in the film, the question is does Netflix deliver? Ben Affleck has been a success in recent years, especially with this directorial projects. Oscar Icaac is regularly a pleasure to watch but Charlie Hunnam has struggled since his days on sons of Anarchy with duds such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and The Lost City of Z. This film brings together a large number of big names but the question remains, is it any good?

I was pleasantly surprised by what Triple Frontier had to offer. Part thriller, part heist movie, part action hero movie, it brings a lot to the table and doesn’t feel overstuffed. Often films that try try to branch into many categories fail however Triple Frontier brings the goods. I found myself on the edge of my seat in many moments throughout the film. The tension the audience feels comes from multiple avenues such as malfunctioning equipment, bullets, car chases, poor decision making and more. It was refreshing to be in the midst of a fire fight at one moment and then feel tense in the next for a different reason.


Triple Frontier is paced beautifully which allows the characters to shine. While I personally would have liked to get to know each character a bit better, the development was enough to make me care. Television has an easier time with this as they have seasons and more time to flesh out characters. This can make it hard to care about movie characters when there are several and no clearly defined main character to latch onto. Even still, Netflix’s latest film brings great characters that are written and cast exceptionally well. Ben Affleck’s character is the most interesting of all. I don’t want to spoil anything for you but his character surprised me. He was the most cautious of the group and it led him to go in directions I didn’t expect.

For context, the story is about 5 ex military soldiers who are rallied together by Oscar Isaac’s character to embark on a mission to take down a criminal and score a massive amount of cash in the process. Their mission unfolds differently than anticipated and is why the film is so endearing to watch. On the one hand there are some decent action sequences, on the other there are slower portions of the film where the characters encounter different issues such as how to navigate dangerous terrain with a lot of cargo. These varying situations allow us to see how the characters react to different stressful scenarios which deepens the character development.


The end of the journey is touching and exactly what should be expected from the characters. The group is a brotherhood, molded by years of military service with one another. This bond is something that I personally do not understand but can be evidenced with countless veterans. Their love for one another is clear and unquestionable which makes the nobility and grace from these grizzled men so moving. Triple Frontier is a wonderful addition to the Netflix service. Give it a watch Crunchers!

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow!!!


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