Best Videos to Celebrate Pi Day


This is the home for nerds and geeks, right? And there is no day that’s nerdier than Pi Day, March 14. To help us all celebrate this day, I thought I would gather the best videos from the internets to help you get in touch with your inner math(s) geek. So before you sit down to devour your pizza, blueberry, or chicken pot pie, feast your eyes on these fantastic videos about evetyone’ s favorite transcedental:

Numberphile – Mile of Pi.

A literal mile of digits of pi are rolled out onto air landing strip in inclement weather while a maths aficionado spouts facts regarding the number. A must-read for any Pi enthusiast. As a bonus, the video has a runtime of 6:28, wink wink.

3 Blue 1 Brown – How Pi was almost 6.28….

A brief walk through maths history as we learn what Pi represents and how it was almost twice as large.

ASAP Science – Memorizing 100 Digits of Pi

Are you one of those people who loves to rattle off facts at parties until you have chased away any chance at human interaction? Then, this video is for you! Setting the first 100 Digits of Pi to music will allow you to memorize them and charm your fellow humans with knowledge and music!

Vihart – A video about why Pi is dumb.

For a slightly different take, Vihart tells us all why Tau is the superior ratio. She’s wrong, but she makes good points.

Standupmaths – Calculating Pi by Hand

Matt Parker takes the entirety of Pi Day to calculate Pi by hand. The least we can do is watch for 3:14 minutes while he works it out.

These are just a few of the best Pi Day videos. Please share your favorites and let us know how you’re celebrating the one day we all agree to care about maths.

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