Weekly Shonen Jump Rundown (Mar10 2019)

One Piece is back this week. So is MHA: Vigilantes. We get a new series starting, Yui Kamio Lets Loose, and the continuation of all your favorite series. Check out your favorite WSJ titles for free at http://www.viz.com.


One Piece 935: In the aftermath of the palace infiltration, the lady Strawhats spend some time at a coed spa, and Luffy makes trouble with a potential ally in the Wano prison. Raizo makes contact with a mysterious figure from 20 years ago. Will he be the key to defeating Kaidou and Orochi?


My Hero Academia 219: Putting their new provisional hero license to good use, Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo take down a soda powered pickpocket with some backup from the powered down All Might. It looks like that pickpocket may have been part of a larger scheme to support the League of Villains. What are the true intentions of this corporate forehead?


My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 49: Captain Celebrity’s farewell bash is underway, and all the major heroes are in attendance. Meanwhile, Eraserhead is hot on the trail of the Villain Factory, only to let them slip through his fingers revealing their true target. This could spell disaster for the Crawler and Pop Step!


The Promised Neverland 126: Norman returns from his trip to explain how he plans to save everyone, a demon civil war!


Dr. Stone 97: Chrome tinkers with Senku’s radar/sonar device, converting it to a metal detector! With everyone’s help, they may be able to turn it into a mine!


Chainsaw Man 13: Makima makes Denji the offer of a lifetime: kill the gun demon and she will grant him any wish. Now that he’s been to Second Base, Denji’s got his mind on an even bigger prize. The only problem is that the gun demon is responsible for more than a million casualties. Is Denji’s ambition for romance up to the task?


The Last Saiyuki 2: Ryunosuke is determined to be the best big brother to his adopted sister, Koharu, even if that means killing the monsters brought to life by Koharu’s imagination.

Also starting this week is Yui Kamio Lets Loose, which is about a girl who uses a mystical chain as a hair tie to control her split personality. Basically, the Nutty Professor, if Eddie Murphy was a Japanese teenager.

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