Weekly Shonen Jump Rundown (3/3/2019)

One Piece is off this week, My Hero Academia is back, Chainsaw Man reaches a huge milestone, and a new series kicks off, The Last Saiyuki. Head to http://www.viz.com for all your favorite manga. Here’s the WSJ rundown:


My Hero Academia 218: With the exams at an end, it’s time to hand out provisional licenses to the passing squads. Just as Class A begins their professional hero work, a new corporation rolls into town with its eyes on the League of Villains. But is this organization friend or foe? 4/5


The Promised Neverland 125: Norman’s plan to bring the world to its knees moves into its first phase. That means putting his head into the lion’s mouth. It could mean death, or it could mean victory. 5/5


Dr. Stone 96: A voice over the radio asks “why?” Senku arrives at a startling realization regarding the petrification of the human race. The next piece of the puzzle is radar. 4/5


The Last Saiyuki 1: A young boy finds out his dad has adopted an blind orphan girl with no arms or legs, and tasks the boy with looking over her. The boy is resentful at first, but realizes she has strange abilities that make her far more than a baby to sit. It’s clear that the series will take a darker turn from here. Color me intrigued. 4/5

Last but not least…

screenshot_20190127-233224~2Chainsaw Man 12: Denji finally gets to Second Base after recovering from his stunning and bloody heroics, not once, but 3 times! Only problem is, the demon girl he feels wears a padded bra, and he has no emotional attachment to her. As a result, he comes away “empty handed.” Can this really be all there is to boobs? Our boy is about to find out he has just begun the climb up Twin Peaks. 5/5

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