Robin Hood (2018) Review

With it’s arrival on digital I decided to give this film a try. I was interested from the trailers mostly due to the fact that it stars Taron Egerton and that I love the Robin Hood story. Despite my interest I could never being myself to watch it in the theater which brings me to now.

The negative reviews are plenty with the score being a pretty dismal 5.3/10 on IMDB. The reviews didn’t surprise me as I expected a flop which is exactly what it was. Perhaps it was my expectations but I ended up truly enjoying Robin Hood. It has many eye roll moments, some poor acting and casting but it was a fun time.

First let’s start with the bad. Jamie Foxx’s accent was attrocious. Was he going for Arabian, British, straight American? I could never quite tell what his character John was trying to do. His character was interesting but the accent so distractingly bad that it broke my immersion as it was distracting.

Eve Hewson was a strange choice for Marian. I never cared for her character or wanted Robin to end up with her. It could have been the writing but ultimately she was a massive dud of a character without any chemistry with Taron Egerton’s Robin.


The historical inaccuracies were cringy even when they provided cool action sequences. I don’t expect full historical accuracy and am no history buff but it was a bit ridiculous with the automatic cross bows, mini gun cross bows and even some of the explosive ones as well. Cool action could have been provided without these silly additions.

Now onto the positive, the action was enjoyable and pretty great at times. Taron Egerton is always a joy to watch. He played Robin in an interesting way that I found engaging and charming. The story itself was nothing fantastic but I enjoyed it as a twist on the traditional story. I rather liked that Robin was trained by little John and wasn’t just a visionary so much as seeking revenge. It was a bit different than other iterations which was refreshing.


Sadly that is where the positives end. While I did enjoy my time with the film, it’s a deciddeci mediocre to poor film. The historical inaccuracies, bad casting, and horrible accents weer too bad that the good action and lead character could not redeem it. Robin Hood (2018) is a red box movie, not really an own it type film. It’s fun for what it is but ultimately a disappointment.

2 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow!!!


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