Weekly Shonen Jump Rundown (2/10/2019)

It’s the Year of the Pig, everyone, and this porker is already us some good luck. We got our next issue of Shonen Jump 3 days early! For the complete release schedule, visit https://www.viz.com/shonen-jump-chapter-schedule. Now, let’s go whole hog on this week’s releases.


One Piece 932: It’s ninja time in feudal Wano country as the lady Straw Hat Pirates infiltrate Lord Orochi’s castle to learn about its weaknesses ahead of the upcoming attack. But Lord Orochi has a team of deadly ninjas guarding the castle, as well as his own powerful devil fruit. A stunning secret is revealed as the action heats up in Orochi Castle! 5/5


My Hero Academia 216: Izuku’s team of Class A hero students concludes their battle against Shinso and the Class B students. Did Shinso do enough to transfer to the Hero Course? 3/5


My Hero Academia Vigilantes 46: As Captain Celebrity’s time in Japan winds down, a celebration is announced. Pop Step and her friends have been invited to perform in Tokyo at the sendoff! Dozens of heroes will be in attendance. Is this an invitation for the Villain Factory to steal the show? 3/5


The Promised Neverland 122: Emma and Ray are settling into their new home, while the plan to escape their enemies turns into a war strategy. Something isn’t right about it, though. 3/5


Dr. Stone 93: The team has already added bread to their list of modern technology revived in the new Stone Age. Their next advancement is also under way. This time, Senku’s is working on a feast for the eyes! 3/5


Chainsaw Man 9: Just when you thought it was safe to squeeze, Denji finds himself in another demonic showdown. Only this time, he’s…shorthanded. 4/5

As always, there are tons more releases at http://www.viz.com. Check it out to find Haikyuu! and Food Wars, and many others!

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