Hanna First Impressions

The Amazon Prime original Hanna’s first episode was made available for 24 hours to prime members directly after the big game last night. I took the opportunity to check it out and was glad I did. Having never seen the movie I went into this first episode with fresh eyes and absolutely loved it.

I’ve heard great things about the film and look forward to watching it soon. If the first episode is any indication we are set to have a great series ahead. Esme Creed-Miles plays the titular character and does a fabulous job. At nearly 19 years old she passes well as a 15 year old girl which is refreshing considering all the shows and movies that cast actors in their late 20’s to play teenagers. Joel Kinnaman plays her father Erik, a similar role to his past ones but different enough that it’s clear he can play more than just one part.


We don’t get answers to any questions but the episode raises so many that I find myself anxiously awaiting the full release in March. My initial take is that Hanna is set to be a beautiful series with lots of intrigue and suspense. If you still have time today, check it out before it’s too late Crunchers.


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