Weekly Shonen Jump Rundown (2/3/2019)

One Piece is back this week, and it’s a huge chapter! Vigilantes is off this week, but will be back on Feb. 8. As always, visit http://www.viz.com for all your favorite and free manga.


One Piece 931: Sanji left Wholecake Island with a special gift from his estranged family, and this week he takes it for a spin. Can his long shattered dream be revived through Germa technology? And, something huge has washed up on the beaches of Wano. What does this mean for the revolution. 6/5


My Hero Academia 215: Izuku’s new ability is…not ready. Hypnotic Shinso is not going wait around for him to figure it out. As Izuku gives chase, who has the advantage in the exam? The teams fates will be decided soon. 3/5


The Promised Neverland 121: Having reunited with a long-lost comrade, Emma and Ray finally find a place to rest and refuel as they plan their next move against the demons of the underworld. 3/5


Chainsaw Man 8: Denji’s wrath is unleashed against the giant bat blood demon. Will it be enough to take back Meowy and get to Second Base? 4/5


Dr. Stone 92: Senku and the Kingdom of Science is preparing for a journey across the sea. Before they can get there, they have to figure out how to make bread to eat on the voyage. Can they find a chef and make the bread they need? 4/5

In additon to the weekly titles, monthly releases are available now as well. Visit http://www.viz.com for all your favorite free manga.

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