Weekly Shonen Jump Rundown (1/27/2019)

In this week’s Shonen Jump, One Piece may be off, but we get to check in with Boruto. Check it all out for free at http://www.viz.com.


My Hero Academia 214: Exams continue as Izuku’s team faces off against Shinso’s. Izuku knows he has more dimensions to his quirk, One For All. The stakes keep getting higher as Izuku faces off against Shinso’s hypnosis combined with Eraserhead’s tapes. 4/5


My Hero Academia Vigilantes 46: Captain Celebrity gets a much needed break from his hectic schedule, only to find the store under attack from another proto-Nomu. 5/5


The Promised Neverland 120: Emma learns a critical secret about the demons from a familiar face. The question is whether the Grace Field House escapees can use this information to survive. 4/5


Boruto 31: The Kara confrontation continues as Delta puts her abilities on display. Naruto takes her on and receives a critical blow. He may be down for the count. Can he turn it around? 4/5


Dr. Stone 91: The Science Nation has dedicated itself to obtaining bread, a much needed food source to sustain them on their quest across the ocean. But before they can get bread, they’ll need wheat, and lots of it. Can they figure out a way to farm it before time catches up with them? 3/5


Chainsaw Man 7: Denji’s quest to reach second base has taken a detour as he’s been captured by a gigantic blood demon. But his partner’s last minute betrayal-mulligan buys him enough time to engage his chainsaw face. Hopefully, he can take advantage of the opening to save Meowy and cop a feelski. 4/5

There are tons of other titles available, like Haikyu! and Black Clover. Go to viz.com to get a look. After you read this week’s chapters, come back and let me know what you think.

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