Hot Ones: Countdown to Gordon Ramsay

Folks, if you haven’t heard of Hot Ones by now, please let me introduce you to the greatest ever interview show ever conceived. Tomorrow, you and your friends and family can tune in and watch as host, Sean Evans, conducts the most anticipated interview in the show’s history with guest, celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. The format is simple. The guest and host have a 20-25 minute conversation over a paddle of increasingly hotter chicken wings until the guest either gives up or takes a last dab to the hottest hot sauce on the table, clocking in at more than 2 million Scovilles. In honor of tomorrow’s Season 8 opener, so have collected 10 of my favorite episodes in no particular order to give you something to tide you over until Ramsay. First We Feast will post the video at 11 a.m. EST, tomorrow Jan. 24, 2018.

Here we go:

1. Terry Crews. This was a great episode for a lot of reasons. First, Terry Crews is a genuine guy taking real steps to improve this world. Second, he’s a fun person and he brings an excitement and energy to the episode that isn’t always there. And of course, the dude SUFFERS. Take a look:

2. Charlize Theron. Sean Evans is generally a cool customer, which is a big feat on Hot Ones. But when Charlize Theron appeared on the show, it was clear Sean was starstruck. It was fun to watch Sean fumble through the interview when he is usually quite composed.

3. Kevin Hart. He’s a funny guy, and he makes no attempt to hide his pain.

4. Bobby Lee. In truly the most unique interview I’ve ever seen, comedian Bobby Lee pooped his pants in camera.

5. Rachel Ray. Eating spicy wings isn’t good enough for the celebrity cook. She ate hot sauce by the spoonful.

6. Guy Fieri. In a similar show of lingual fortitude, the chef goes through the whole lineup without taking single drink.

7. Russell Brand. Russell Brand is always seeking a higher state of being, and after facing the wings of death, he attains enlightenment and sings a fun diddy.

8. Steve-O. The Jackass gang has no shortage of crazy stories, but in this interview Steve-O proves he’s not done making memories just yet.

9. Brett Baker. Brett Baker is an average Joe, but a super fan of Hot Ones. He maintains a ranking of guests on the show and in one episode, he got to turn the tables on Sean Evans and conduct the interview, proving that Hot Ones is a show for the fans.

10. Jeff Goldblum. Jeff Goldblum is an experience, and in his interview he describes how he is still a sex symbol and reveals that strangers call him “Zaddy.”


There are tons of episodes, and tons of spicy sauces. If you are interested in trying out the sauces, you can buy them yourself at Next up: Gordon Ramsay.

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