Weekly Shonen Jump Rundown (1/20/2019)

It’s finally happened. Our comics reviews are going international! Last week we told you about the all new Shonen Jump app, which brings you free comics from Japan to your digital device. Many of you took the opportunity to visit http://www.viz.com to check out their comics, and if you haven’t gone yet, please do.

The purpose of this series is to keep you up to date on the chapters featured each week, and offer a place to discuss your fan theories, your questions, your concerns, and anything else you want to discuss related to Shonen Jump.

Without further ado, here’s the rundown for Shonen Jump for the week of January 20, 2019:


One Piece 930: For those of you new to Shonen Jump, One Piece has been in serialization for more than 20 years. One Piece follows pirate captain, Monkey D. Luffy (“LOO-fee”), on his quest to obtain the greatest treasure of all, the One Piece, and achieve the title “King of the Pirates.”

This week, Luffy’s crew is still in the Land of Wano, the One Piece version of feudal Japan. Luffy is still in prison. Zoro, the first mate, has befriended the people of Ebisu, an impoverished village known for its sunny disposition in spite of adversity. Sanji, the ship’s cook, is getting ready to embrace his family’s technological developments in a battle against a dinosaur-man. And pirate emperor, Big Mom attempts to enter the Land of Wano to confront fellow pirate emperor, Kaido, whose occupation has become the target of Luffy and his crew.

This is my favorite series, and I recommend jumping in at any point and reading. It’s a terrific series. 5/5.


My Hero Academia 213: This series follows a young man, Izuku Midoriya/Deku, on his journey to becoming the Number One Pro Hero. In the current story, the students at UA School for heroes are facing off in teams of 4 to practice subduing superpowered villains. In the middle of the exam, though, Izuku, who is still learning to control his quirk (super abilities are called quirks), finds out his quirk has several features, including super strength, and a previously unknown ability, Black Whip. We’re still not clear what Black Whip can do and look forward to finding out soon. 4/5


My Hero Academia-Vigilantes 45: A spin-off series of MHA, that follows a group of vigilantes with bizarre quirks as they act as clandestine heroes on a local level. This week, Knuckleduster makes his return after spending weeks under cover tracking the source of an illegal quirk-enhancing drug called Trigger. Someone is trying to manufacture villains, but why? 4/5


The Promised Neverland 119: This tale follows a group of orphans who realize that the world they live in is not what it seems. Emma, the main character, leads a group of orphans in a battle for survival in this strange world. Emma does everything she can to keep her friends alive, but many get killed along the way. This week sees Emma reuniting with a long lost comrade in a twist fans have been hoping to see coming. 4/5


Dr. Stone 90: 3,000 years in the future, humanity has been frozen in stone. By some miracle, one brilliant teenager, Senku, escapes from his stone prison and finds the earth thrust into a new Stone Age. His quest is to use his modern knowledge to restore humanity to its technological prime one rediscovery at a time. This week, using his brand new hot air balloon, Senku’s team begins the rediscovery of cartography and forms the basis of new agriculture. 4/5


Chainsaw Man 6: This is a brand new series, so it needs your love and attention to keep going. This story follows a young man, Denji, possessed by chainsaw demon as he battles infernal creatures in his life or death quest to get to Second Base (boobs, not baseball). He’s got a long way to go because right now, the girl of his dreams is sending him on ever more dangerous missions to draw out the power of the Chainsaw Demon. This week Denji tries to make a move on a female devil, only to be betrayed at the moment of triumph. Will he survive? 5/5 (Seriously, bizarre, but so much fun.)

There are tons of other titles, including new series, just getting started. Go to http://www.viz.com to give them a look!

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