Can Star Trek be saved?

According to several published reports, the 4thinstallment from the Kelvin timeline has been cancelled, it won’t be made which marks the end of “Abrams Trek.” As a 40+ year fan of Star Trek, I was one of the few who really did like the Kelvin timeline.  I did enjoy Into Darkness more than most.  To say that Star Trek Discovery has been a disaster would be a compliment to disasters. Discovery just doesn’t have the feel of Star Trek, if you are looking for a proper Star Trek series on network TV I suggest watching Fox’s “The Orville.”  I am very concerned about the upcoming untitled series about Captain Picard.

Some have suggested that Star Trek 4 was cancelled because Star Wars is taking up all of the oxygen from the fandom, which is just dumb.  Star Wars and Star Trek have always competed for the same fans.  The reason that Paramount made Star Trek The Motion Picture was a direct response to 1977’s Star Wars (Trek was coming back with the original crew, but it was going to be a new TV Show titled “Star Trek Phase II”). It’s also ok to love both Wars and Trek, I have since 1977.

In my opinion part of the reason that Star Trek is on life support is because it can’t be consistent as long as CBS and Paramount own separate parts of it.  One of the reasons that Discovery doesn’t look like Star Trek is that legally, it can’t.  Another reason why is the quality is down, part of it is that Discovery is being written by people who have never written for (much less actually watched) Star Trek so they don’t understand the show.  We also can’t discount the disappointment that was Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond, it was just a horrible movie.  My final reason for thinking that Star Trek is dead is CBS’s response in suing fans for You Tube movies and series (Google Star Trek Axanar as an example).

If you want to save Star Trek, first figure the intellectual property out, let one organization own it. Next, listen to the fans and what we want.  We wanted Discovery as it was sold not what it has become.  Finally, embrace and help the young filmmakers who are also fans in their projects (in other words, don’t file lawsuits) like Star Trek Continues or Star Trek Axanar.  I’ve found myself watching Star Trek reruns on the channel H&I (which airs all five series in order Sunday through Friday evenings) and I’m reminded how good all previous incarnations were.  If new leadership can be installed, Trek can be saved and can live long and prosper.

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