Titans S01E11 Dick Grayson

The season finale is here and it left me mixed. After a great season it was a fantastic episode but it doesn’t fit as a season finale. The entire episode felt like a departure from the main story which is fine throughout a season but just off in a season finale. The episode offers no resolution and felt more like a mid season finale than a true season finish.

This is where my issue with it ends though. As a season finale it was a bit of a dud but, since we know season 2 is confirmed, I am ok with it. I get the feeling that seasons 1 and 2 are going to act like 1 large season. I suspect Trigon will stick around for quite a while, possibly the entirety of season 2.

On the one hand I am extremely happy that Trigon wasn’t finished in one episode as that would have been a disservice but on the other it felt like waiting for a climax without any resolution. Some of the great superhero shows leave us with cliffhangers but it is things like the villain being defeated and the reveal of a new one such as seeing Lex Luthor with superpowers to finish a season after the main villain had been defeated already.

Instead Titans builds everything up with no payoff. That said, the story is stellar overall, the characters extremely entertaining and the acting on point. I’m thrilled to see more and disappointed that we will have a wait ahead of us.

The episode itself offered up great lore and showed us this universe’s version of Batman. We never see his face nor that of any of his villains but we get enough. This is Titans after all and it’s clear the creators don’t want to have their main cast overshadowed too heavily. Batman was present enough for us to see the character and get a sense of the relationship between he and Dick but not so much that we just wanted to see Batman.


Titans has done a good job of balancing it’s tone and this episode showed that Titans can coexist with the Nolan style Batman tone and still be fun. I believe that Superman could exist in this world along with the rest of the Justice League.

Titans season 1 ultimately wraps up in a less than satisfying manner. The episode was great overall but poorly used as a season finale. What would have been great as a mid season cliffhanger was squandered in a finale that left us confused and with little resolution to the plot. Even still Titans season 1 was a fantastic ride with great story and characters that is set to be even more epic in season 2.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!


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