More To The Comic Book Universe Than Meets The Eye!

Are you new to comics? Have you been reading comics for a long time but only been reading the big publishers stuff? Are you bored with the comics that you are reading? Well you are in luck. We are living in the Golden Age of Comics, and I am not talking about just your big publishers like DC and Marvel.

manowarWe are all very well familiar with the story of Bruce Wayne and what leads him to become the Batman. We all know how Wolverine has regenerative powers and issues with authority. There are a lot of good storytellers and artists that work for these large publishers. Occasionally we get new twists to these stories. However, the core of the story remains the same.

There are so many other comic book publishers out there, and many of them have just as good, if not better stories than the larger publishers. Storytellers and artists now live in a world where they are able to get their story out to the general public much easier and more effectively. With Comic Conventions occurring everywhere with overwhelming regularity, the use of social media and internet platforms such as Kickstarter, readers have access to artists and storytellers across the entire globe.

Not all of them are good, it is true. But are all of the Batman comics good? NO! Does everything Marvel put out rock your world? NO! The same applies to Indie comics. However, there are plenty of independent publishing companies putting out extraordinary comics. Image Comics, for example, has a ton of independent artists and storytellers creating, writing, drawing stories that they then distribute to the masses. Aftershock, Dynamite, and Valiant are just a few other publishers that are putting out excellent comics. There are also a ton of local publishers distributing new material.

IC 1Comic books are so much more than just superhero novels. Are you into Dungeons and Dragons? There is a ton of fantasy comic books designed around D&D and RPG’s. Are you into anime and cartoons? There are comic book adaptations of many favorite and popular cartoons including Scooby-Doo, Rick and Morty, and Avatar the Last Airbender. Are you more of a sci-fi fan? Guess what…there are thousands of comic books taking place in a sci-fi universe.

If you are new to comics, tired of the same old stories, looking for something new, or looking for some inspiration for new campaigns in your RPG, Indie Comics is the way to go. Head down to your local comic book shop and ask about some good suggested reads. At your next convention, walk the exhibitor floor and check out that artist that is sitting patiently, waiting for someone to ask about his/her story. You will uncover an entire universe of material that you may not have known existed!

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