Titans S01E10 Koriand’r

This episode is juicy. A lot of what we have been waiting for happens here such as learning a LOT more about Kori and Rachel’s father. We finally learn the true identity of her father (which isn’t a surprise to those who know her back story) and a lot more about who Kori really is. The story last left off which Kori trying to kill Rachel due to a memory of hers that was triggered by Rachel trying to heal her. As we saw at the end of the Donna Troy episode, Dick and Donna were rushing to save Rachel knowing that Kori AKA Starfire was sent to kill her. Enter awesome Lasso of Truth scene. Kory enters the house and quickly takes Kori down with the Lasso of Truth! What an epic way to start the episode.


The story doesn’t slow down from there either. We quickly see that it is true that not everything is as it seems at the house. Dick and Donna are both gone in search of Kori who ran from the house after she snapped out of the trance that caused her to attempt murdering Rachel. This leaves Gar, Rachel and Angela alone in the home and it gets strange from here. It becomes obvious that Angela is hiding something. She is far too well adjusted for a woman who has been in captivity for over a decade and a somber feeling comes over the house leaving Gar inexplicably sick.

Meanwhile Donna and Dick seek out Kori and get some extremely juicy details about who she is as well as more information about Rachel and her father. With her memories returning, Kori remembers who she is and why she is on earth. We learn of what Rachel’s father is truly up to and why Kori is involved. If other source material is indicative there is more backstory that we haven’t learned but for now we got a feast. With the snacks of details so far, this was a treasure trove of information.

Despite being a solid entry in the series, the episode was a bit too short for everything that was going on. We got a lot of exposition and some action but little else. In a TV show this is fine every now and again as we have more coming in the future. It made the episode feel a tad rushed however which I didn’t understand. With a run time of less than 41 minutes it needed an extra 5-10 minutes to fix the pacing. Regardless this episode gave us a TON of desired information and sets up an epic finale to the season over the next two episodes.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!!!


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