Titans S01E09 Hank and Dawn

Welcome to the best episode of Titans to date. This one is getting all the stars this time. Hank and Dawn takes a deep dive into the characters the episode is named after. I said in my review of episode 2 Hawk and Dove that I was impressed by these characters and I feel so even more now. At this point these two together are the best part of the show and they have only been in 2 episodes really. In Hank and Dawn we get to know them as people, not heroes. This is an episode that dives into back story and is ultimately a character study.

We learned early on about Hank and his upbringing. Single mom, poor, on the football team for school and a big brother. His little brother, Don/Donnie, is Hank’s biggest fan and Hank loves his brother. We get to see how Hank protects those he loves and some of the trauma that leads to his character being the way he is. This isn’t a kids show already but I warn you now that this episode deals with some heavy themes and may be hard to watch for less mature audiences.


Hank and his brother Don are the original Hawk and Dove. We see them make a video in the year 2009 where they start to be vigilantes. The events that lead them to this path are fun to witness and I will not spoil them here. Further the events that lead to Hank and Dawn meeting are beautifully told. Again, this is a heavy episode so be prepared for some heavy hitters here. The acting is excellent, accompanying music sets the tone and the directing is incredible.


We get to see Hank and Dawn at the beginning of their relationship. They form a bond due to shared experience and conquer demons from Hank’s past together. The story unfolds so expertly and in such a fantastic way that I didn’t want it to end. I left the episode thoughtful and amazed at how impacted I was. Hank and Dawn are outstanding characters that add depth and grounding to the show. These two are real people who engage in realistic scenarios. I could watch a show of just the two of them and love every minute of it. While we see very little of the other characters here, this departure from the main story ties in enough that we understand why the diversion was needed. I’m excited to see how Hank and Dawn meet back up with the rest of the Titans and how this season will conclude. With only 3 episodes left there is more mystery to unfold and fun to be had.

5 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!


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