Titans S01E08 Donna Troy

The DC Universe exclusive introduces another new character in Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl. Dick sets off on his own once again thinking that Rachel and co are in good hands. His time takes him to Donna Troy who he was friends with growing up. We see the two young sidekicks in their past chatting it up while their adult counterparts are in a Justice League meeting.This little easter egg was a lot of fun as it introduced Wonder Woman as a part of this universe (only in mention) as well as the Justice League. Further, it continued to develop Dick as a character. Donna was fun with him and they acted much like siblings. It seems that their times as sidekicks growing up made them close. All those Justice League meetings they didn’t get to be a part of I guess.

The episode focuses mostly on Dick and Donna with the latter saying she is out of the vigilante business. Dick asks her how she got out of that life while later discovering that she is actually still in that world albeit in a different capacity. We see flaws in Dick/Robin here which stem from the brashness he learned from Batman. While the greatest detective of all time is exceptionally intelligent it stands to reason that Robin still has a ways to go to become the hero he needs. His time as Robin didn’t end long ago and he is still finding his footing. The clear story arc that he is heading to Nightwing is further reinforced with the interactions between Donna and Dick.

The other characters are on their way to the house with Iowa with Rachel’s mother. All is well, Rachel is happy, they are at peace but then Kori is spotted by local police. Considering she is wanted this is bad news for Gar, Rachel and the gang. They manage to escape and make it to the home in Iowa. It is great to see Rachel so happy yet something feels off. We will find out in future episodes what is to come but I suspect not everything is as it seems.

What makes this episode resonate is the major cliff hanger at the end. We finally learn a bit more about Kori and her background (it seems to be fairly similar to other material from DC) and this is welcome information to receive. The story is progressing along but her background has been a lingering question since episode 1 and one that I have been anxious to have answered.

Overall the episode was solid. It wasn’t the best of the series but it was a good time and well worth the watch. I enjoyed seeing Donna Troy and want to see much more of her. She is down to earth, interesting, and approaches things differently than her friend Dick. It is obvious she is a protege of Wonder Woman and I want to see more. It’s not a character I am familiar with and she has me intrigued.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!!!


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