The Witchfinders S11 Ep 8 (Spoilers)


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  When Sydney Newman first pitched the idea of
“Doctor Who” to the BBC it was as a children’s educational program.  The Doctor would travel back in time to show historical events.  One of my biggest problems with this season has been that current showrunner Chris Chibnall wants to show historical events through the morality of today.

“The Witchfinders” is the latest example of this philosophy, viewing the witch trials of the 17thCentury through a 21stCentury lens.  This is an episode that once again fails to feel like Doctor Who of the past 51 years.  If you want to watch the Doctor tackle witches, watch David Tennant’s “The Shakespeare Code” (S3 Ep 2) or if you like aliens made of water, try Peter Capaldi’s “Pilot” (S10 Ep 1).

I’m being generous by offering 2 of 5 cushions.

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