The Flash Season 5 Episode 8: What’s Past Is Prologue – Review

Welcome back Crunchers! Last week our Heroes found out who Cicada is! They now have to figure out how to stop him. The team gets right to it, but how did it go? Let’s Crunch this!

Nora is the mastermind of this episode. She is the one who “comes up” with the “brilliant” plan to defeat our notorious villain. However, its actual brilliance is questionable through the entire episode.

Without getting too much into spoilers here there is some really great time traveling going on. It’s one of those episodes that a lot of shows do where they go through a bunch of previous episodes and highlight great moments throughout the series, but it was done in a pretty unique and more interactive way. They are having a strong focus on not disrupting the timeline but it is yet to be seen how successful they are in that.

There are some really great tense situations that The Flash has with some old characters in the series and the scenes are fantastic. It reminded me of why I initially really got into it. Unfortunately, for the most part I feel that the show isn’t as good as it once was, but this episode was a good step back in the right direction.

There were some really great revelations this episode that I look forward to delving more into next week, but they did make the season make a lot more sense. There are a lot of frustrating things and some questions that I have had all season that made it feel a little fragmented, but this episode really made some things come together.

There were some minor things that I didn’t particularly like. Iris is a much better character than she has been in the past (although, I wouldn’t go as far as to say she’s good that this point), but their obvious attempts at making her seem like a great character sometimes feel like they are trying too hard. Nora’s character being a super genius, but also frequently super dumb is annoying at times. There are some pretty funky scenes where Nora is obviously fake running, that look pretty terrible. Also, there is a device that even Cisco can’t fix, but the guy who fixes it just takes a tiny screw driver to it and voila, fixed.

Despite its minor shortcomings, this level quality of episode is what made the series great to begin with. Although, an episode early on in the series couldn’t have had the nostalgia that this one had but there was great foreshadowing, menacing villains, the story actually progressed, they finally steered away from having SO much family DRAMA, and I felt a real sense of connection to the characters. There is no such thing as a perfect episode, but I thought this one was fantastic! Go check it out Crunchers!

5 Out of 5 Couch Cushions!


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