Quantum and Woody #12

This issue really gets to the root of what makes Quantum and Woody such great characters. Woody has no morals, while Quantum (Eric) is basically Superman when it comes to his morality. They bicker and argue and get in each other’s way when they fight crime. They cause more destruction than is probably necessary and are in all likelihood as much a danger to the public as they are it’s protectors. Despite all of that you can’t help but love them.

The thing that ties them together and endears them to the readers is that despite all their arguing and bickering, they genuinely love each other. When asked to recruit the two for a new version of America’s superhero team, Unity, Aric of Dacia, XO Manowar, asks them to show him who they really are.

They take him to neighborhood burger joint they’ve been going to for years. Their presence alone has helped protect the place from thugs that were causing problems and the owner is eternally grateful for it. Aric sees the good they’ve managed to do and asks them why they want to join Unity. Eric simply says that helping and protecting people is all he’s ever wanted. Aric asks the same question of Woody, who replies that he doesn’t want to join Unity, but Eric does and Woody believes that his brother deserves it.

This conversation won over Aric, but not G.A.T.E., the organization that runs Unity. Aric is told the two will be imprisoned for life as their powers are too dangerous to be released. Aric makes a choice and takes action. If you’ve never read anything of these characters before this issue would be a wonderful place to start.

4 out 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow!!!




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