Ninjak #13

I’ve been critical of this story arc in the past, it seemed as though it was actually accomplishing very little with the character. It introduced the idea of difficult choices that Ninjak makes on a regular basis and then specifically the difficult choice about whether or not to turn Livewire in. The final issue makes up for all of it, bringing those ideas clearly to the forefront as Ninjak attempts to rescue his friend Gilad from the grip of the dying one.

Before making his final attempt to rescue his old friend he contacts MI6 to request an extraction. He’s told that the only way they will provide extraction is if he gives up Livewire’s location first. Instead he cuts off communication and makes a backup plan.

He manages to release Gilad’s body from the control of the dying one, only to be immediately challenged by MI6 agents. He’s too injured to put up much of fight on his own, but Gilad steps up and manages to fight them off long enough for Ninjak’s jet to come to the rescue. Ninjak is forced to pick a side and he picks the right side, no more will he be at the beck and call of government willing to do anything to protect itself. Ninjak, Collin King, was been officially disavowed.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow!!!



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